Day 71 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeoussss 🙂 how are you? I wish you a wonderful week. Imagine that in the middle of your chest you have a sun. And if somebody is frowning and sprays negative emotions, open your sun and spread the rays to the chest of the Grump 🙂 You are super women and have a powerful weapon – sun chest ha ha ha. This week shoot with your sun, warm and glow around you 🙂

Tomorrow we will have a new do do workout, level 3 20 minutes 2 and level 2 also 20 minutes.

I was asked if I work out in a flat. Yes I do. I have always worked out in a flat and probably I make noise. Nobody complained up to now but who knows. We moved in in a new flat a month before the start of the challenge. We renovated the flat and put a special anti-noise and shockproof insulation. This maybe helps. If you are going to change your floors, think about this option. You don’t have to put it to all rooms, but only the room you work out in.

New readers: workouts start from day 1 and follow the plan, no rush 😉

Here are some ideas how to work out at a flat

1. Make a plan not to work out between 5 in the morning and after 22 o`clock. We are less tolerant if anybody doesn’t allow you to sleep. If you hear noise at other time when you don’t sleep, nobody will care for you. The workout is 30 minutes not all day long. The jumps are not all time.

2. If your neighbors are intolerant, work out in the hall, when there are jumps in the workouts or do only the jumps in the hall.

3. If your neighbors are tolerant, but mention the noise, explain to them that you do something really good for your health and try to make them join us. Promise that you will make them cookies from time to time. Tell them that it’s only for 30 minutes per day and there aren’t jumps every day.

The plan for today

Are you going to spread sun today 😀

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