Day 64 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeous, we start the week strongly aerobic. Before you start the workout, you have to higher your high rate. Run or jump rope for some minutes.
If this workout is very hard for you go back a couple of weeks and do those workouts, while you get used to them and you are familiar. Don’t try to follow the plan literally, adapt it to your body. So, follow the plan with the workouts, but go to the next week if the previous is easy for you.

Instead of 5 training days in a row, you can train 3 days, 1 day rest, 2 days train, 1 day rest. You are the only one who can tell how you feel and when you need rest.

Today, I challenge the people who train with level 2 to try the level 3 workout, I wrote a description how to modify the workout so it can be easy. There is an easy workout in the plan bellow, if you feel that it’s early for level 3 😉

The plan for today:

Level 2 and 3

Alternative easier workout for level 2

Did you like the start of the week?

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  1. Claudia Acosta 23 March, 2016 at 19:27 Reply

    Hello Rumi,
    I did level 3 🙂 super cardio! I stopped sometimes because I felt pain in my right side. I only needed to breathe properly.
    Thank you

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