Day 61 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeous, there is 1 month left of the challenge for regular workouts. Give your best! Let’s finish what we’ve started! Today we have an endurance workout. If you hear a voice in your head “stop”, don’t listen to it. Of course, if you want to throw up, the voice is right 😀 Learn to make the difference 😀

Going out of your comfort zone is one thing, but getting sick during workout is totally different. You must not get sick. You have to stop for a little rest before that. People addict to everything including to the exhausting feeling after a short, hard workout.

If you enter the site for the first time: we follow the 90 day challenge and train 5 days a week. The goal is in the end of the challenge to be addicted to workouts, but yet training not to be our life goal. We have 20-30 minutes per day hard, exhausted workouts and after that we enjoy our life. Read more about the challenge and after that start from beginning with day 1. We follow a program, not random workouts, so follow the plan.

The plan for today:

Level 3 – if you want, do level 2 after this, I shot them one after the other.

Level 2 – you can do only 1 round or 3, it depends on you time and strength.

Do you like this kind of workouts?

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