Day 59 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeous, how do you feel? Are you in good mood? You remember the great mood after a hard workout, right? We are 20-30 minutes away from the euphoric mood. After a hard workout you have that feeling that you did something really great for yourself. I mostly love the feeling after the workout not the real workout. Satisfaction and joy, you want to share them with other people. Yesterday I ask you if you made more people to join us for our cause. Your experience is the same as mine. It’s most difficult with the family and friends. It’s the easiest with people you haven’t seen for a long time. When they see you after a long time and they suddenly find that you are changed.

For new readers: we promised to ourselves that we will train regularly for 90 days and then for life. Read more about the challenge and start from the beginning, don’t catch up just follow the plan from day 1 to 90.

The plan for today:

Level 3

Level 2

The next 2 days we have new workouts – tomorrow we will work really hard for butt and shoulders. The day after tomorrow endurance workouts – 5 minute intervals for level 3 and 2 minute intervals for level 2.

How much is the weight of your dumbbells? Which level do you train with?
If your dumbbells weigh as your purse, it’s time to take heavier 😉


  1. Claudia Acosta 18 March, 2016 at 15:18 Reply

    Hello Rumi,
    Getting better! this is the second time that I do it, but now I really notice the difference 🙂
    Thank you so much for everything Rumi!

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