Day 54 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeous, it’s the end of the week. What have you planned for the weekend? Do you have muscle soreness from yesterday’s workout? If your butt doesn’t hurt you it’s time for harder workouts. Tell me in the comments which level do you train with and how do you feel? I see little results in the mirror (my butt is a little bit changed) and I am super happy after all the hard work. It’s not big deal, in 1-2 years maybe the result will be great 🙂

For new readers: we follow the 90 day challenge and we promised to ourselves that we will train 5 days a week for 3 months and after that for life. We also build new habits which will help us to achieve our goals and to be happy. Join us, let’s train together 🙂 Start from the beginning with day 1.

The plan for today:

Level 3

Level 2 – try to do the burpees with jumps.

Did you do this workout better than the previous time?

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