Day 50 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeoussssss 🙂 a new week is on. We will become stronger and will learn something new for ourselves. During the challenge we build new habits, it’s not just fast loosing weight for 1-2-3 months. We learn new things about us, getting know ourselves. We’ve promised to work out regularly and do this. I’ve promised to post workouts for 90 days and I do it. So I expect you to have willpower and to be together with me in this initiative.

I know it’s very difficult to remain constant. I also want to take a rest but I made a commitment and I am not going to quit. Only force majeure can stop us (as it happened to me right after the start of the challenge when I got sick and I couldn’t train and shoot. I was some workouts ahead but now it’s only one).

Pull yourself and keep going, please. I am giving my best and writing this post at 2 am on Sunday night. Because I’ve promised that tomorrow morning you’ll have a workout (it’s already today). You’ve promised to work out with me, do it!

You train – I shoot workouts – this is our contract. It’s difficult for both sides but we will respect the agreement.

P.S. – Who doesn’t comply the contract gets 100g celulite for each missed workout 😉 It’s written in the small print 😀

The plan for today:
Level 3 – there is a new do do workout – I think it’s the best 10 seconds intervals combination. If you don’t have time do 1 round – 14 minutes. If you want to train a lot, do level 2 video also. I shot them one after the other.

Level 2 – if you don’t have time do 1 round. If you want do 3-4 rounds.

Did you like the workouts? Do you train level 2 or 3?

Do you want Level 2 to be more challenging? I am wondering if the workouts are easy? Tell me can you handle harder workouts?


  1. Laura 6 August, 2015 at 23:39 Reply

    Thank you Rumi for support us and for keep sweating with us! I really like your workout I’m feeling more lean and strong every day!!

  2. Lola 23 March, 2017 at 20:04 Reply

    I train on level 2 and I have been working out for most of my life. I overdid it a lot in the past and had to learn how to balance so level 2 is great for me because I also lead a fairly active lifestyle. If some days are too light I would just go to level 3 or do a little extra in my daily activities.

    So long story short levels seem perfect to me:)

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