Day 47 of 90 – level 2 and 3


Gorgeous, it’s the last day before the weekend. We finish the week with a great total body workout which has 120 walking lunges. I remember on the next day I felt that I worked really hard for the butt 🙂

For new readers: we follow the 90 day challenge for regular workouts. We work out 5 days a week and build new habits. Join us and start from the beginning with day 1 no matter you read the 47 day post. You are not late, you are just on time, your time!

The plan for today

Level 3

Level 2

What are your plans for the weekend?
I’ve planned family meetings, my mother has a birthday. I shot a new do do workout for Monday. I love to think up new workout, but I don’t like shooting them because the camera stresses me … Would you shoot yourself while you sweat and suffer? If yes, send me your video I will be glad to watch it 🙂


  1. Mary 17 June, 2015 at 12:20 Reply

    Hi, Rumi! I just wanted to tell you I loved this workout. I call it “non sembra ma fa” it means it doesn’t look like a hard workout, but the following day my glutes scream! and my legs, too. So, Thank you for your workouts, they are always a challenge for me (and my butt and legs, too) =)

  2. HClaudia Acosta 17 February, 2016 at 21:22 Reply

    Ok, since I don’t have a fancy mobile or video camera, I will ask if someone can shoot me 🙂
    Thank you
    Ps. I liked this workout!

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