Day 4 of 90 – level 3


Today we work for good posture with a new workout. We combine it with 2 workouts, we’ve already done, so you need just a minute to learn the new exercises. If you are stopping by at my place for the first time, we follow the 90 day Challenge. Here is the list with all workouts.

If you are training regularly and value your efforts, try to eat clean. Without clean eating, it’s hard to see results in the mirror. You can’t burn as many calories as you want with the workouts. It’s easier not to eat a calorie bomb, rather than burning it with a workout. If you like, try to count calories.

The plan for today
Workout 1 (we’ve already done it) – 5 minutes
Bodyweight Only HIIT Cardio Workout Total Body Toning – 5 minutes.
Active rest 30-60 seconds, walking into the room or slow jump rope.

Workout 2 (NEW) – 10 minutes
Exercises For Good Posture

Active rest 30-60 seconds

Workout 3 (already done) – 5 minutes
Toning and Endurance Workout For a Strong Body – 5 minutes
Active rest 30-60 seconds

Workout 2 again – 10 minutes – if you want and have time

Did you like workout 2? Be honest with me so I can understand what you do and don’t like. I think so much about the workouts, to be balanced, to burn the muscles I’ve planned, but it’s important to be satisfied. That’s why I ask you every day whether you liked the workout or not?


  1. Sam 23 November, 2014 at 20:14 Reply

    Hi Rumi! I am doing your challenge with you, although a bit behind hehe. I loved #2 workout especially! Very good. Keep it up 🙂 So excited for the next 86 days!

  2. Pharaoh 3 December, 2014 at 15:12 Reply

    Hi Rumi,
    Just finished day 4. I’m loving these workouts! I also love how, though we are doing exercises for all over the body, we seem to hit the legs every day! That is exactly what I want. I need to tone those the most. Thank you!

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