Day 37 of 90 – level 3


Gorgeous, we have a new do do workout 🙂 This workout is great (according to me), good work for total body, lightly going out of the comfort zone (for me), tell me how you feel.

For new readers: we follow the 90 day challenge for regular workouts. Join us and start from the beginning with day 1. If your goal is to lose weight or to shape up combine the workouts with the right amount of food.

The plan for today – 1 workout, if you want after it do the level 2 workout (I shot both levels one after the other)

Do Do Total Body Workout With Abs And Butt Exercises

Did you like this do do workout?
I loved it. Don’t be afraid to tell me your opinion if you don’t like it and why.


  1. Suzu 18 February, 2015 at 16:01 Reply

    I like this format a lot – i like not repeating an exercise because it gives me time to quit early – with this workout, I want to keep going to see what’s the next exercise! Thanks Rumi

  2. Claudia Acosta 18 January, 2016 at 20:44 Reply

    I did first level 2 and then this one. It was pretty dificult to follow your speed but I managed to finish 🙂 Now I need I shower!!!!
    Thank you

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