Day 33 of 90 – level 3


Gorgeous, today we finish the 5th week!!! It still seems to me that everything happens super fast. I’ve shot 48 workouts so far for both levels. If I didn’t number them I wouldn’t believe they are so many! I definitely love to think new workouts, but doing them is difficult job 😉

Today’s workout contains 78 one leg squats, only if I hear comments that home workouts are easy job 😉 I’m often asked if this is the only way I train. Yes it is, there is no time for other workouts especially with these 90 days regular training. I work out exactly the same way as I shoot.

If you are stopping by at my place for the first time and you are wondering what we are talking about read more here. Come on, don’t think too much start from the beginning with day 1 and follow the plan. Pay attention to the the food you eat because the biggest myth ever is that you can eat whatever and as much as you want and after that you can burn it with workouts just like this. Yes you can burn what you eat but you have to work out for hours per day. Do you have so much time for training and do you think your body can resist it?

The plan for today – 1 workout 50 minutes, if you don’t have time do only 1-2 rounds.
If you need stop the video take a little rest and then continue. The workout is not better if you don’t take rests. It’s not wrong to take rests. After you take a little rest you have much power to continue. I’m talking about the shortest rest that helps you to calm your breathing and to pull together.

Advanced Strength&Cardio Workout for Butt Enlargement and Strong Core Exercises

Did you like this workout?
I loved it. I have never done 78 one leg squats in 1 workout. I definitely like to challenge myself like this. I rarely do such long workouts just not to adapt to the short ones. No matter what we do, our body adapts or get sick. I think that I would not feel good with such long workouts but I can’t be sure until I try.

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