Day 31 of 90 – level 2 and 3


It’s time to repeat one workout, it seemed so hard in level 3. Now we are stronger so we’ll do it just like it’s a game 😉

If you wonder what games we are talking about, it’s the 90 day challenge, we train 5 days a week and we will continue this for life. Start from day 1 because every other day the workouts get harder.

Today we do day 12 again
Level 2
Level 3 – we rehearse the easier version of the pistols because on Friday we will do them in original … only some reps as many as we can and will continue with the easier version. The pistol is the perfect exercise for the butt. Also we have exercises for abs 🙂

Are the workouts easier 20 days after we did them for the first time?


  1. Claudia Acosta 5 January, 2016 at 16:00 Reply

    I did only level 2. I haven’t felt well and also for new year celebrations I just start again.
    Happy 2016 and thank you so much for your videos.

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