Day 19 of 90 – level 3


Gorgeous, today we will do a really brutal workout! I don’t want to repeat this workout ever, but I will put it in the workouts schedule some times 😀 Is there something greater than students to become better than the teacher 🙂

For new readers: we follow the 90 day challenge for regular workouts. We want to build new habits in 3 months. Join, train and build new habits with us. We are not perfect and we don’t want to be. We want to be healthy and happy 🙂 I advise you to start from the beginning with day 1 because the current workouts are tough. The best thing is to start with easier workouts so you won’t get strong muscle soreness and quit.

If your goal is to burn fat: you have to combine workouts with eating the right amount of food. You can’t burn all the food you eat with workouts. 20 minute workout burns calories that an apple has. That’s why you have to cut your daily intake. It’s easier not to eat 500 calories than to burn them with a 90 minute workout.

The plan for today:
1 workout – 38 minutes

Brutal Cardio Endurance Workout

How do you feel after you finished this workout? Did you like it?
This was a breath taking workout, my heart would explode, that’s why I’ve stopped the workout to take rests. You have to make the difference between getting out of the comfort zone and feeling sick. It’s normal to take rests while working out! I didn’t feel sick but I was taking rests. The rests and the intensity of the workouts are individual for every one. Don’t be shy to take rests. Workouts are not more effective if you don’t take rests. Of course, we talk about little rests just to calm your heart rate. The heart rate should be high but you have to breath easier 🙂 I am trying to explain what I feel to show you that everything that happens to us is normal (without feeling sick). I want us to have realistic idea of the workouts. It’s individual for every one. Try to o the workout depending on your experience and how you feel at the moment.

How did you feel during the workout?


  1. Natasha 23 February, 2015 at 19:37 Reply

    This was a very tough but great workout! I wasn’t able to complete the Day 18 workout so I combined it with today’s workout. I ended up doing this workout a little lighter (doing shorter intervals).

    Thank you Rumi for this program!

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