Day 17 of 90 – level 3


Gorgeous, today we’ll do some workouts we’ve already done before. I combined them in a new way.

If you are stopping by at my place for the first time we follow the 90 day challenge and train 5 days a week. Come and join us in 90 days you will be stronger, healthier and happier of your life. Start from day 1 because every other day the workouts get harder.

In the beginning you start to train because you want to look great. If you want the same thing, combine the workouts with eating the right amount of food.

The plan for today
Aerobics and isometric – 5 minutes
Strength combo for abs … not only – 5 minutes
Great strength workout with focus on butt – 10 minutes.

We will work a lot for our butts in the 90 days 😉 We will do new, old, proven and brutal exercises. All sides of the butt. Building muscles in the but is not easy, so hard work is needed!

Aerobics and isometric – 5 minutes
HIIT Workout + Abs, Thighs

Strength combo for abs – 5 minutes
Burn Killer Abs Exercise Combo

Strength workout with focus on butt – 10 minutes
Exercises for Lifting Butt

What do you think of this combination?
The idea of this workout is to be a little easier and shorter after the two previous days with longer workouts.


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