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Gorgeous today I motivate you with Daniela’s awesome results, achieved not for a month, not for two or three, but for 1 year! Тhis is how everything went down. Daniela and I started working together while she was breastfeeding. She was emailing me several times a day with lots of questions. She was sharing what is hard for her, the things she liked – everything about this new process she was experiencing.

I had serious doubts that she will make it 🙂 . I usually don’t talk like this about my clients, but Daniela and I go way back so I know I’m not going too far with her 🙂 . With her outstanding appetite, I am amazed by her results! Her change is huge and yes, for a longer period, but so what?! I’m sure that if I ask anyone “Are you ready to work out and eat healthy to achieve your goals?” the answer will be an immediate ‘Yes’.

People lack faith that they can make it and most miss accurate assessment of the normality of what is happening to them and their bodies. It’s considered normal to lose 8 kg per month, and 500 g for a week is considered as a failure. The first option is madness, the second – real success. (Even though when it comes to 500 g, there can be a scale glitch, and the body weight varies with 1-2 kg throughout the day, so I find it’s best to track weight on a monthly basis, and not on a weekly one).

I always tell people that you can not rely your success with weight loss on how much you weight and they almost never believe me for the first few weeks 🙂 . Usually, after first 3-4 weeks, my clients really understand what I mean when I say to track your measurements (I have my own way of measuring, you don’t measure on same spot every time and still you know your real success).

Almost every email I receive has something like this in it: ‘I want to see results quickly, because otherwise I lose my motivation.” I really want to learn Spanish in a month, but that’s not how things go!

There isn’t a thing in life that happens for a month – you achieve goals with hard work and consistency. I had doubts that Daniela will trust me that change needs time and that it didn’t matter if she didn’t have much progress for 2 months compared to other people… She had progress compared to HERSELF, which means she had lower measurements than 2 months ago. What you win when comparing yourself to other people?! Other people don’t have your genes, your hormones, your lifestyle…

It’s important when you compare yourself to the old you to see how much progress you’ve made! It doesn’t matter how long did it take you to achieve your goal! If you can’t learn a foreign language in a month, why do you expect to change for a month?

I told Daniela many times that changing your food taste takes time. You can’t eat cookies and chocolate a few times a day and then to stop loving them for a week or a month. It just doesn’t work like this. Change takes time!

For 1 year:
-15 cm from her waist
-14 cm from her hips
-8 сm from her thigh
-3 cm from her calves
-5 cm from her arms

I’m leaving you with Daniela’s amazing story and now she wants more than just lose weight 🙂 Danny, you’re awesome 🙂

If you would like to work with me for your change, eat just the food you love and do home workouts, send me an email and let’s get started! Just write that you want change and I will let you know what information I need to create your cooking plan. In some months or a year, you can be in perfect shape! Fit, sexy and healthy!

And now – I start the fairy tale of my big life-changing transformation!

My name is Daniela, I’m 30 years old, I have a 2-year-old son. A treasure indeed!

I gained 15 kg throughout my pregnancy from hormonal imbalance and constant snacking. By the time I was 9 months pregnant, I was 82 kg! I’ve never been more than 65 kg! I am 168 cm tall! I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, dropped 5 kg and then got them back while in the hospital (I had a C-section). I nailed the scale to exactly 77 kg. That was it. A true Mama Bear! I started breastfeeding and eating ‘nourishing’ food… granny knows best, right!

One evening, my husband and I were sitting on the terrace talking, and I noticed that he hasn’t really hugged me for a while. When I hugged myself, I felt two big lumps of fat on my back! I went mad! I’ve never had fat on my back, neither a potbelly, but I thought it was loose from me giving birth. I got really depressed, I felt sad for myself, a true Mama Bear… I did a lot of research and decided to start the 90-day Diet, dropped 2 kg and stopped, because I was bored.

I don’t know how, while researching, I stumbled upon fitnessrum.com I started reading, saw that there were home workouts (I used to do tae bo at home and it was amazing) and a light switched in my mind. I saw the recipe for Pumpkin Sponge Cake… yummy! I opened the reviews and… I decided! I was going to change.

I sent email to Rumi right away, immediately got a response, she sent me the workouts and a meal plan created especially for me.

I started working out, but I was experiencing difficulties with the meal plan – I had a baby on my hands, breastfeeding, I had to run to the store for broccoli… It was hard, but I never gave up. I was craving white bread, pizza!

In a few months I saw results (but I wanted for those months to start looking like Rumi! I aim high, haha!). She was helping me, giving me helpful advice and I didn’t give up! There was no going back, my body was used to exercising and special meals, so I couldn’t go back.

One day Rumi was fed up with me constantly complaining and made herself clear – ‘you have to work hard, right?, you don’t have the lucky genes to lose weight for 2 months like some other girls. Keep going forward, you know how now!’ – of course, more delicately and well-mannered.

/Note from Rumi: I always tell my clients that I am like auxiliary wheels when you learn how to ride a bike. But one day you need to take them off and ride the bike by yourself./

And I really started to work hard! It was difficult for me to decide by myself how much to eat, fight my sweet tooth and overall food cravings for the things I used to prepare at home… but the scale was going down with just grams…

But I never stopped working out, not for one day! I followed my meal plan for a whole year! I was very keen on tracking my measurements and see that they were getting lower and lower, it felt so good! The scale was finally showing less, and my measurements were getting lower:))

Rumi’s Summer Diet turned out to be MY DIET, I managed to lose those final kilograms and reached my goal! Yesss!!!! I’m happier now, every night my husband tells me to undress slower because I am very sexy! 🙂 And my butt is always on point!!! Like a rock!

All my friends are admiring me and want advice on how to lose weight! I use Rumi’s recipes all the time, everyone at home loves the food and I am at peace that I give my body healthy and nourishing food and constant activity, and to my soul I give ease and fulfillment. My change continues – a little more centimeters from my measurement, I want to have a six-pack, a nice triceps and the legs of a jade! :))) I still have food cravings for dough, but I will kick everything unhealthy from my life! I managed to forget the taste of store bought cakes! 🙂

Rumi, you are irreplaceable for me, thank you!
You and Boris (my son) changed my life forever!


  1. Mandie 23 January, 2018 at 16:56 Reply

    Hi my name is mandatory and I have struggled with weight for years. 8 years ago I lost 100 and was able to keep it off til now. Divorce a new move new life and love I’ve gained 50 of it back. I’m doing Atkins diet again as that’s how I lost the weight before but I struggle with work outs as I’m big and have asthma lol I do have an elliptical that I use three times a day 20 mins at a time…..was wondering if u cud help with other exercise as my problems areas are my belly and what I call but up front I’ve had lots of kids at a young age and my last was a C-section have not been able to get my belly in check even when I was small. Thankx in advance

    • Rumi 23 January, 2018 at 17:17 Reply

      Mandie, if you are over 80 kg right now, I advice you not to work out to be able to protect your knees. First, lower your weight and then you will start to work out. Have in mind that you don’t need to do exercises just for the belly. Read this post: https://fitnessrum.com/why-dont-crunches-reduce-belly-fat/ When you are under 80 kg you could start to work out. By then walk about 60-90 minutes per day. If you want me to help you to change your lifestyle, eat delicious meals and lose weight, write me to my email: change@fitnessrum.com

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