Cookie-Muffins For A Satisfying Brunch, Gluten And Refined Sugar Free


Gorgeous <3 I made these cookie muffins without any pre-planning or intentional idea. I stood in front of my blender and I told myself, "What can I put inside, blend for 15 seconds and bake for 15 minutes." So I started combining the following ingredients:



2 eggs
50 g sunflower tahini (you can use sesame, almond, walnut, hazelnut,peanut tahini)
50 g dates
30 g gluten free oats
Blend all in a blender (food processor may work as well).


Bake in muffin moulds by pouring 2 tbsp of the mix in a mould. The idea is to be shaped as a cookie, not so much as a muffin. Mine turned out 6. You can also pour it on a baking sheet and bake as cookies. The dough is quite liquid so they will spill a lot and I can’t really predict how much resemblance there would be to a cookie, but they will still taste great. If you bake them on a baking paper, they probably will need less time for baking.


I baked for 20 minutes to 160C (320F), but I think they will be ready in 15 minutes; I just got distracted by answering some emails and writing this recipe down 🙂 .

They are very lightly sweet, so if you want more sweetness, add 10 dates. For those with a sweet tooth, add 15 dates.

They are soft like muffins, nothing like cookies, even though I was aiming for such.


The whole recipe is almost 700 kcal, 25 g proteins, 39 g fat, 70 g carbs and 10 g fibers. Macronutrients are as follows, energy-wise: 14% proteins, 48% fat, 38% carbohydrates

I had them with great pleasure and they kept me full very well 🙂 .


Let me know if the kids like them 🙂

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