Coconut cake with pumpkin cream, flour, gluten and refined sugar free


It is super fast cake. The cream and crust are baked together 🙂 The taste is heavenly! Very, very tasty cake/sweet!

I am really surprised that I prepared it for 5 minutes, I think it up while preparing, I used what products I had and the result is sooooo tasty.

I love cakes that don’t need syrup, you prepare everything in one bowl and bake together. You don’t additionally have to put together the cake 🙂

My love had birthday and at the last moment I prepared this cake. All day long I was thinking that I am up to prepare the cake, but I did it in the night. It’s good that we have dinner late, so there was time for the cake to cool 1.5 hours.

Ingredients for the crust
3 eggs
15 pitted dates
cinnamon as much as you want
120 g shredded coconut
100 g walnuts (you can skipped the walnuts or you can use other nuts or seeds)

If you bake the cake in bigger than 20 cm baking pan, you can double the products because the crust was 2.5 cm thick. It would be OK with a thinner crust, but you have to bake less. The dates are really enough even for people
who are white sugar lovers.

Ingredients for the filling
3 eggs
6 pitted dates
200 g weighted baked (not raw) pumpkin (it can be prepared with baked apple or pear)
The height of the cream was 1 cm and if I use bigger pan, I would double the products.

Preparing the crust
In a food processor put the eggs and dates and process them while they get to foam. Add the cinnamon and shredded coconut. In the end, the walnuts, but don’t process them too much, so they will be chops. The mixture is really thick, put it in the springform pan and flatten it with a spoon. I used 20 cm cake pan (8 inches).


Preparing the filling: don’t wash the food processor, just put the eggs with the dates and process them. In the end, add the pumpkin. Spill the cream over the crust.

Bake at 140C (290F) for 50 minutes in preheated oven, upper and lower wire with fan (but it will bake and without fan).

After it cools, put it in the fridge and after only 90 minutes, you can eat it 🙂


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