Chickpeas, tuna and celery time saving soup


Gorgeous, this is a very quick and fragrant soup! I really like quick recipes because I free up space to do something I love. This one is ready in half an hour 🙂

If you do not like soup, you can make a salad with the same products or tuna chickpeas meatballs by adding vegetables or greens of your choice (spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers or others).

Quick soup with chickpeas, tuna and celery
(without additional fat)

400 g cooked chickpeas (1 jar)
150 g tuna (canned, in brine)
1 carrot
50 g celery
celery leaves
400 g/ml water
cumin, black pepper

The chickpeas, together with the water from the jar, are placed in a saucepan. To it add tuna, carrot and celery head finely chopped and water. Add the spices and simmer the soup over low heat for about 30 minutes (enough to soften the carrots and celery). When off (pull off the stove) add finely chopped celery leaves and lemon juice (optional).

Approximate nutritional value according to
Kcal 706
Protein: 62.7 g
Carbohydrates: 90.1 g
Fat: 12.6 g

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