What the program includes:

1. Creating a cooking plan with only food you love, without food you don’t eat and enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you eat everything or you’re vegan or vegetarian or you eat raw food – I create your meal plan depending on your taste and preferences!

2. Keeping track of your results for 5 weeks after sending you the cooking plan. In the beginning of the program, you take photos of yourself wearing underwear/swimsuit (examples are below). In 4 weeks you should take such photos again. I analyze your results based on the initial photos and those you took 4 weeks after starting your cooking plan. In such a short period of time you can’t achieve your ultimate desired goal, but the progress is there. Most people don’t see their progress because they focus on what is left to the goal but not how much they have achieved. This is normal. We all want a quick and easy change – but nothing in life happens without hard work, consistency and time. I make the process of losing weight as easy as possible and give you support in moments when you’ve lost motivation but also you need to have the right mind that this is a process. It’s not a change for a day or two.

3. Intensive email support – answering questions (regarding the cooking plan and workouts) and motivational talkclients share with me that email support is the most helpful thing to fulfill their goal. It’s normal to get demotivated at some point. It’s also perfectly normal to face obstacles. In these moments you send me an email and share with me your thoughts and difficulties. I will motivate you to keep moving forward and continue losing weight. I will tell you what is normal when it comes to losing weight not what is said to be normal. There is a huge difference between losing 2 kg of fat and 2 kg of water (which you gain back right after you start to eat and drink as usual).

Workout programs uploaded on my website.
I will tell you where to start, what to do next and so on.

If you have some injuries, I will explain to you how to work out but not to hurt yourself.

In order to receive your menu, email me just the words “I want change” 🙂 .

The program is applicable until you get to your ideal weight. Usually, after the first 2-3 months you rest a bit and then you can repeat it again. Mostly my clients follow the program about 8 to 12 weeks. Don’t forget: You follow cooking plan while you lose the extra weight, you work out forever! Don’t ever stop working out!

Doni contacted me because she wanted to get in shape right after giving birth and while breastfeeding.

Sunny and I started working together when she was 102 kg (225 lbs).
This is a photo when she have lost 20 kg (44 lbs), we keep working for the best results.

Send me an email and start your change now! Just write ‘I want change’ 🙂

Maria contacted me, because she wanted to get fit for the beach.

What does the cooking plan look like?
A detailed menu for 7 days. Every meal is described in details, swaps are included. Your goal is to learn how to choose food and to eat the right quantities. The food is divided to exemplary meals that you can combine or separate and you do this according to your lifestyle. The goal is to eat whatever you like and to learn how to do the best choice. The menus that I create are just ideas, if you do the swaps you can eat anything you love.

Iva contacted me after her birthday, very fateful 🙂

I.E. if you want you eat 3, 4 or 5 times a day, according to what fits your lifestyle. You can repeat your cooking plan a few times until you reach your ideal weight.

Your cooking plan includes various foods according to your preferences. You have to measure the food using a kitchen scale, so you can build sense of the food you need. You can choose what foods to eat and how often to have them or what to exclude of your menu – meat, fish, dairy, cheese, eggs, veggies, legumes, nuts. You’ll enjoy new recipes and will learn new ways to prepare your food. If you don’t eat some of the following, that’s not a problem, it’s just an example.

Every meal is explained in details and you can prepare your food in the evening for the next day.

Diana and I worked for getting in shape after giving birth.

I present you some variations of the cooking plans, because everyone is different and unique 🙂
No meat – but there is fish, eggs and dairy in the menu.

With a little bit of meat – for people who rarely eat meat.

With a little bit of meat and fish – there are people who eat meat and fish but rarely – this is your meal plan!

No fish – if you don’t like seafood, this is your meal plan.

Vegan cooking plan

Raw cooking plan

LCHF– low-carb, high-fat cooking plan

A variation for people who often are constipated – food such as bananas and rice, etc. are excluded

No nuts – for people with allergies to nuts

No dairy and beef – if you’re lactose-intolerant

No oatmeal – I have a lot of clients that just don’t like it! (it is insanely yummy if you ask me, but if you don’t like it, you won’t eat it!).

No legumes – if gas is an issue for you. Beans, lentils, peas – they are so delicious, but do cause trouble to some people. So I understand you. Don’t worry you can lose weight without having them in your menu 🙂

And many more! 🙂

Tara contacted me when she had given up on diets and nothing gave results

Beginner level – you work out 5 days a week, you do different workout every day. Usually, you will be done with this level for a month or two (it’s individual). The workouts are about 30 minutes a day. With warming up and stretching, it’s about 35 minutes.

Alexandra came up to me, because she wanted to show her muscles

Advanced level – you work out 5 days a week. I strongly recommend you to add an hour or two walking per day. It will boost your metabolism, you will burn calories without increasing your appetite.

Super Advanced level – you work out 5 days a week different workout. Usually, this level is reached in 4-5 months of regular physical activity. Most of the workouts are interval. The goal is maintaining and keeping the results. It’s not needed to work out for long, but smartly!

Anna and I started working together a few months after she gave birth and was still nursing

I create every menu based on your individual preferences and data (age, height, weight, etc.)!

A side note: You can gain weight (muscles) with meal plan, depending on the quantities of food you eat, but the food is the same as when losing weight. Don’t be afraid to eat! Let me show you the richness of tastes and foods to achieve your goals. I won’t make you to eat food you don’t love in the name of beauty! I am not a fan of doing something against your will 🙂 I want you to be happy of your choice 🙂 Look at this cooking plan as a training for lifestyle change, not as meal plan just to lose weight. If you want your results to last forever, you have to enjoy the process and this is why your menu needs to be insanely delicious!

The program costs €180 ($220)
You get the menu (cooking plan) as an e-book (pdf) and 3 levels workouts (video files) – this is a program for 4-5 months at least, i.e. it’s €40 ($40-50) a month (you don’t have any expenses for gym membership and you save time). Methods of payment are via Credit/Debit card or Paypal. You make payment to my business account (I operate as a legal entity).

Attention: this is an online product, you won’t get physical one!

If you want lifestyle change program based on your personal details, email me to: change@fitnessrum.com

I promise, you will be in the best shape you’ve ever been, no matter if you’re 20 or 60 years old!


Maria emailed me after she had been lost 45 kg starving and she was stuck. I helped her to lose the last 23 kg (50 lbs) to accomplish her goal, in 8 months and she ate the foods she loves, not starvation.

Marie lost weight after she stopped smoking.

Sophie and I worked on getting her in shape after giving birth.

If you want the plan for a lifestyle change, based on your personal preferences, send me email with just these words “I want change”.