Cardio Workout No Rest 25 Min


This is no rest interval cardio workout. Every 20 seconds switch exercise. The first move I have never showed in another workout.

Interval training, switch between exercises every 20 seconds

1. LEFT leg step forward with jump knee up, the same move backwards
2. Like 1 – RIGHT leg step forward
3. Semi jump squat
4. Alternating side lunge jumps
5. Jump rope
6. Left-forward jumps
7. Right-forward jumps
8. Small scissors

Guys do you like no rest interval training 😀


    • Rumi 10 November, 2013 at 01:12 Reply

      Nour, I have total body and split (upper, lower body) workouts. I can’t have real rest days, because my body craves some stength activity every day. In rest days I workout just 10 minutes or do yoga. So I workout 7 days a week. Sometimes I have rest days, usually when my schedule is so busy, I decide that this is a sign to rest 🙂 Of course I can always fit 10 minutes of exercise, but I rest in these days because I know I have to not because I want to 🙂

  1. amira 23 January, 2014 at 16:02 Reply

    Heyyy rumi, I think u r amazing , u inspired me a lot , love u , and I wonder if you can help me lil cuz where I am my connection is not good enough to run the video , so it will be easier for me if I can download all your videos to my tablet so I can workout with you with out any lag pls , thx n keep it up

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