Calorie Blast Cardio-14 Minute Cardio and Strength Workout At Home Level 2


Gorgeous, another new workout for 90 day exercise challenge. There is a harder verssion of this same workout.

Interval training
21 intervals 60/20
60 seconds cardio exercise
20 seconds cardio exercise

1. Jump rope
2. Push ups
3. Jumping Jacks
4. Row 2 dumbbells LEFT arm
5. Burpee without push up, with squat
6. Row 2 dumbbells RIGHT arm
7. Side jump, jump up
8. Lunge LEFT leg
9. Side kick, alternate legs with jump, arm kick
10. Lunge RIGHT leg
11. Cross leg jump, elbows down-up
12. Goblet squat
13. Mini running
14. Shoulder (military) press

Do you like this workout?
Which was the most challenging exercise and the most fun?

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