Calculator for daily calorie intake


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Age: Enter your age
Weight: Enter your weight in kilograms
Height: Enter your height in centimeters
Gender: Choose man or woman
Training load level: Choose from the drop-down menu how many days a week you train*
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*Level of training
You do nothing all day or Basal metabolic rate – how many calories you need if you do nothing – you do not walk, you do not move.

You don’t train – how many calories do you need to do your daily duties (does not include additional physical activity)

The next options are according to how often you train.

What do the calculated results mean?
/the picture shows an example with a woman, 163 cm tall, weight 52 kg, who trains 5 times a week/

Weight maintenance: She needs to take 1744 calories a day to keep in shape.
Weight loss: If she takes 1396 calories a day she will be in a weight loss mode (also any intake below 1744 calories a day will help her to lose weight).
Note: The calculators are based on statistics and formulas that cannot take into consideration everyone’s personal specifics. So, use the information from the calculator as a starting point and gradually in the coming months you can experiment and find out what your energy needs are.