Butt And Thigh Fat Exercises 26 Minute Total Body Home Workout Level 3


We also start to do exercises for one half of the butt and work all sides. We take little rest with exercises for other muscle groups and and continue with the other half. In the end we do some aeribic exercises.

For new readers: if you are a beginner with the workouts, start with the 90 day challenge and follow the plan. If you have at least 6 months experience with the workouts, you can try the workout below.

If you work out on a regular basis, but don’t achieve your goals, try to cut your daily portions with 1/4 or try to
count calories.

If this workout is too challenging for you, try the easier version.

1 round is 24 – 50/15 intervals, 26 minutes. Lately, I really like 15 seconds rest, I can pull myself together and to be stronger for the next exercises. I do it better.

If you want, you can do 2 rounds, but the second round could be with 30/10 intervals.

Write down how many reps of each exercises you do and compare your results after some time. After the dash you can see Rumi’s results. After the plus are the reps done in easier version of the exercise.

1. Bulgarian split squat jump to failure, after that without jump LEFT leg – 20+14
2. Push up + kick + elbow to knee – 9
3. Bulgarian split squat jump to failure, after that without jump RIGHT leg – 20+9
4. Dive bomber + butt kick – 9
5. Lunge, jump-slide to squat LEFT leg to the front – 24
6. High-low plank – 26
7. Lunge, jump-slide to squat RIGHT leg to the front – 27
8. ALT elevated Pigeon crunch – 26
9. Row both arms – 49
10. Elevated hip raise LEFT leg – 25
11. LEFT leg side raise – 35
12. Elevated pike push up – 14+3
13. Elevated hip raise RIGHT leg – 22
14. RIGHT leg side raise – 35
15. Row RIGHT side – 24
16. LEFT leg hip thrust – 21
17. Row LEFT side – 25
18. RIGHT leg hip thrust – 21
19. Plank RIGHT knee to opposite and same arm – 19
20. RIGHT leg back raise – 36
21. Plank LEFT knee to opposite and same arm – 18
22. LEFT leg back raise – 38
23. Jump over the mat – 80
24. 4 high knees, 1 Burpee no push up – it’s not written in the notebook 🙂

How do you feel this workout? Where did you feel it most?
I really felt my abs and butt muscles.


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