Burpee Madness–10 Minute Cardio Workout With 10 Different Burpees Level 3


This workout is part of the 90 day challenge. The list with all workouts is here.

Interval training, 2 rounds
20 intervals 20/10
20 seconds Burpee variant, 10 seconds rest

1. Side burpee
2. Burpee with 180 degrees jump
3. Air burpee
4. Wide-frog burpee
5. 2 step downward dog burpee
6. Burpee with knee to the opposite arm
7. Butt kick burpee
8. Low-high plank burpee
9. Bird-dog burpee
10. Left-middle-right jump burpee

Which burpee variant did you like the most?

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