6 Ways To Burn More Calories In Every Workout


Gorgeous , how are you doing? I hope you’re fresh and work out regularly – short, but effective.

I’m sharing with you how the workout can be more effective to burn more calories. Mostly, people want to eat as much and whatever they want and burn it with a workout. In the end I’ll write if this is possible 🙂 .

1. Warm up
Almost all beginners don’t warm up, because they think it’s a waste of time and want to get to the workout faster, which according to them brings all benefits and huge fat burning. During the warm up, the body prepares and gets into training mode faster.

For example, if you’re doing an interval training and for 30 seconds you need to do maximum push ups you can, you will do more if you warmed up the muscles you use when doing push ups. More reps mean more work done, i.e. more calories burned.

Warm up keeps you away from injuries, even though until this happens to you, you don’t really think about it.

2. Increase the weight you work out with
It’s not necessary to work out with 20-40 kg unless you don’t want to. It’s enough to try 4-5 kg dumbbells if you use 2 kg now. Women are intimidated to lift heavy weights, because they are afraid that they will have big muscles. Yes, there are women that are prone to more muscles. It depends on your body type and what you’re prone to. You’re not going to be a body builder, but my experience shows me that 1-2 cm bigger thighs is a BIG problem.

If you are worried about this, don’t work out with bigger weights than 10 kg. But you can train using 8 kg instead of 2 kg for example. Or, you can work your thighs with your own weight and use as bigger weights as you can for other muscles – booty, for example, the rounder and bigger, the better (still, don’t expect much from your booty, it doesn’t matter how much you’ll increase the weight, it won’t be a drastic change).

3. Don’t rest between exercises, do low intensity cardio
Keep your heart rate in the cardio zone by doing jumping jacks or jump ropes after the squats and before push ups. Choose cardio exercise that you don’t immerse in and use it as an active rest, so you can put your full attention to squats and push ups.

4. HIIT (high intensity interval training)
Do HIIT once in 2-3-4 days. Try to do a short workout, so you can really push yourself to maximum level.

The longer the workout is the more tired you are and you can’t do the exercises with the same intensity. These workouts put much pressure not only on the muscles, but the joints and nervous system, too. Don’t go too fat with them, but use them to add more stress to your workout program. In this case, the stress is a positive thing if it’s implemented when the body is rested from the previous workout. I’ve been too far with workouts like this and in long term they bring tiredness and it’s impossible for the body to recover. You have to rest after each of these to develop. Incomplete recovery means that you can’t put your full effort in the next workout, then worse achievements and less work done (i.e. less calories burned).

5. Involve as many muscles as you can in every movement
For example, while doing push ups, you can press your heels backwards. I think that almost no one does this.

Or while doing squats, imagine that the toes are turning outwards (without actually rotating anything, just press your feet both down and on the sides). You will feel that when standing up, the booty is more tightened.

6. Imagine how you do every movement
Think just for the workout. Put your mind to it and dive in every movement. Think about how you do it, do you involve all muscles that can be involved, do you watch out for proper form, do perfect rep every time.

While working out you get more tired and it’s normal to worsen the proper form, but it’s important to give your best to do even the last rep perfectly.

An idea: if you have a fitness wristband
Try to do a workout without following the advice in this article. In a few days, try to do the same one doing all above. Track the calories you burned with the wristband and check what works for you.

And don’t forget that no workout can neutralize overeating 🙂

If you want to see results in the mirror, follow the plan: workouts + right meal plan for you. If you need any help, email me: change@fitnessrum.com

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