Brutal Full Body Workout 22 Minute Mass Building and Endurance Exercises Level 3


This workout is brutal and is part from 90 day exercise challenge. There is an easier verssion of this same workout.

This is interval trainingi
10 intervals 120/15
120 seconds work
15 seconds active stretching

If you want the butt to work longer, then follow the sequince which arm and leg work. I ordered exercises in a such way so the butt works in exercises 2 and 3 (and 4, 5).

1. Thrusters with dumbbells
2. Reverse plank on the LEFT leg, raise RIGHT leg and hip
3. Rows RIGHT arm
4. Like 2. the other leg
5. Rows LEFT arm
6. Push ups
7. Plank
8. 4 high knees – 4 scissors – 4 jumping jacks
9. Alternating renegade rows
10. Lie back, pistol

Which exercise is the most challenging for you?
2 and 4 really burn the butt and shoulders. It looks easy but I culdn’t do it without rest. Did anybody succeed to finish it without rest?

Do you like such long working intervals?
I liked them so much!

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