Brazilian Butt, Belly Fat And Total Body Workout 24 Minute Advanced Exercises Level 3


We work really hard for our butts, in this workout. We start with one half of the butt, train all sides ๐Ÿ˜€ . We take rests, so the other half regenerate, because it does the stability work and also gets tight. The rest is total body exercises ๐Ÿ˜€

For new readers: if you don’t have experience with workouts, start with the 90 day training program.

If you want to see visible results in the mirror, you have to eat less food that you need.

If this workout is too hard for you, try the easier version.

If you want, you can do 2 rounds
1. Roll back Burpee โ€“ 20
2. Hip thrust LEFT leg โ€“ 10
3. LEFT leg back raise โ€“ 20
4. LEFT leg side lunge (with weights) โ€“ 10
5. LEFT leg side raise โ€“ 20
6. LEFT leg in lunge – dumbbells side raise โ€“ 20
7. Butterfly crunch + leg raise โ€“ 20
8. Torso + legs raise โ€“ 20
9. Hip thrust RIGHT leg โ€“ 10
10. RIGHT leg back raise โ€“ 20
11. RIGHT leg side lunge (with weights) โ€“ 10
12. RIGHT leg side raise โ€“ 20
13. RIGHT leg in lunge – Arnold press โ€“ 20
14. Pull over โ€“ 20
15. Weighted crunches – raised legs โ€“ 20
16. ALT single leg diver bombers โ€“ 10
17. Side plank – leg under leg + kick โ€“ 10 each side
18. Roll back + ALT single leg stand up โ€“ 20
19. 10 high knees + 10 frog claps โ€“ 10
20. ALT side and above dumbbell raise โ€“ 20

Which exercise did you like most?
I liked the whole exercise combo for one half of the butt, then rest and then the other half of the butt.


  1. rose marie 6 March, 2015 at 10:17 Reply

    this workout just killed me!!!!! I feel great and energized though!!!!! Thank you Rumi for bringing us such fantastic workouts!!!!!

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