Booty Lift Workout – 18 Minute Lower Body Workout For Perky Butt And Lean Thighs



Guys bofore today’s workout I want to talk about genetics and potential. Genetics is something you can’t change (or difficult to change). Potential is what your genetics is capable to do if you stress it good enough.

Genetics is shape and size of bones, body frame – you can’t change this.

Potential is what you are able to do with given genetics. And we can achieve a lot if we stretch to the verge of our potential. And this doesn’t happen overnight. We need to constantly work, day by day to become better in anything in life. Constant work can beat talant!

Why I am talking about genetics and potential. Because we have big booty potential (lol) and most people don’t know this. The biggest muscle in human body is gluteus maximus – or your biggest muscle is your butt. The biggest muscle needs the biggest stress to grow and shape perky booty.

If you want perky buttocks – work it out hard and constantly!

Exercises in today’s lower body workout

I part, 3 rounds for time but don’t sacrifice proper form for speed

1. Plie jump squat – 20
2. Single leg Romanian dead lift LEFT leg, dumbbells in opposite arm – 20
3. Swing – 50
4. Single leg Romanian dead lift RIGHT leg, dumbbells in opposite arm – 20
5. Calf raise – 10 reps every leg
6. All fours – side leg raises – 20 reps every leg

II part 8 intervals 20/10, 4 minute
1. Jump lunge
2. Squat
3. From Plank – back-side leg raise LEFT leg
4. From Plank – back-side leg raise RIGHT leg

Tip: if you want to add muscle to booty, this means to make it round and perky, then do 100 Swings every day. But start small – 20 Swings every day for the first week, 40 second week. Increase reps until you reach 100 reps per day. Then increase weight. In this workout I use 8 kg (17 pounds) weight and it is not challenging for me. I feel challenge over 15 kg (31 pounds) and 50 reps become hard.

Do you need help with your booty lol

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