Booty And Thigh Workout For Fast Fat Burn and Results 26 Minute Home Exercises Level 2


For new readers: if you are a beginner with the workouts, you better start with the 90 day training program. If you have a few months experience with the workouts try the level 3 of the 90 day challenge or the workout below. If you work out for at least 6 months, you can try level 3.

If you work out but don’t achieve the goals you want, try to count calories.

If this workout is easy for you, try the more challenging version.

1 round is 26 – 20/10 intervals, 2 rounds are 26 minutes.
If you want, do 3 rounds.

Write down how many reps of the exercises you do in this workout. Do the workout again after some time and compare your results.

1. Bulgarian split squat LEFT leg
2. Push up
3. Plank step through ALT
4. Bulgarian split squat RIGHT leg
5. Dive bomber + easy back
6. Downward dog + butt kick jumps
7. Jump lunge LEFT leg
8. From knees high-low plank
9. Jump lunge RIGHT leg
10. ALT Pigeon crunch
11. Row both arms
12. Elevated hip raise on chair LEFT leg
13. LEFT leg side raise
14. Pike push up
15. Elevated hip raise on chair RIGHT leg
16. RIGHT leg side raise
17. Row RIGHT side
18. LEFT leg bridge
19. Row LEFT side
20. RIGHT leg bridge
21. Plank RIGHT knee to same and opposite arm
22. RIGHT leg back raise
23. Plank LEFT knee to same and opposite arm
24. LEFT leg back raise
25. Jump over the mat
26. Jumping jacks

Which zone did you feel this workout most in?

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