Bibbi’s Change


Hello Gorgeous 🙂
Today I will introduce you to Bibbi 🙂 She says she has always had 5 extra kilos on top that separated her from feeling good 🙂

It’s not important whether they are 5 or 10 :)) Harmony doesn’t depend on measures and kilos, everything is in our heads, in our feelings 🙂
Bibby wanted to change her feeling, because she saw an unknown woman, an “Aunty” :))
And this “Aunty” is definitely different from the girl our heroine expected to see on the photo of New Year’s Eve. She was unknown to her 🙂

Now Bibbi likes herself in the mirror, she recognizes herself. I’m glad for her, that’s our goal!

The change is not just because she is lighter and tighter. Bibbi takes care of herself and does something good for her body every day. That gives her confidence and strength, because she values her own efforts 🙂
She got a bonus – this good shape :)))

If you want to like yourself the mirror, send me an e-mail in just 3 words “I Want Change”. Here you can see what the Individual Program includes 🙂

My name is Bibbi and I want to share my story.

I’ve always been about 5 kilos on top of the weight I felt good about. As a child I didn’t do sports, but my metabolism and everything else worked without diets and training.

At one point, however, at the age of 22, I began to feel that kilos accumulated.
3 years ago (when I was 27), I had begun to go to the gym with an instructor.

Then I did a blood test for food tolerance, I started jogging, but I didn’t limit the quantities of food I’ve eaten. It was so to a certain moment, when I didn’t have time for sports (or at least I thought so), and I started to eat more than before. I was moving to another country, and there, while I was settling, I didn’t think of a regime and exercises.

One day, as I went through the internet, I found Rumi’s page. I took a look, and saw the stories of other people, and programs for beginners and advanced, and I thought it was time to restart what I had quit.

Unfortunately, after the 50th workout of the 90-day program, it happened that I went out on leave and then on business trips, and there was always something why not to go on.

Around the New Year’s Eve, by some chance, I saw a picture of mine, that spooked me out. I had become a 30-year-old overweight lady (161 sm and 63 kg). I already knew, it was time to write Rumi.

So in January, we exchanged some e-mails, about what I want to achieve, why, question about what I usually eat.
She prepared me a personal menu where she had complied with my taste and my reluctance to spend time in the kitchen. The menus were easy and quick to prepare and didn’t differ much from what I ate usually.

At the beginning, I was a bit worried about the quantities, because they seemed very small, but it turned out that I didn’t feel hungry. There were even days, when I didn’t want to eat all the dishes from the daily menu.

Exercises were a challenge. In the beginning, there was a lot of sweat, a lot of pauses, but at a certain point you see results in the mirror and the table you’re watching your measures, and you know it’s worth it. And when you manage to do them next time with Rumi’s pace, it’s the ultimate pleasure.

The advantage over the gym is that you train when you want, without planning time to the gym and back, without special equipment, no worries that you are slow and someone is waiting for you, without complicated movements.

Rumi is so down-to-earth and answers all questions and concerns you have, gives advice and motivates you, so you don’t want to stop. In any situation (meetings, business trip, outside, etc.) where you think you can’t workout or won’t be able to follow the menu, Rumi finds a solution.

Five months later, I enjoy what I see in the mirror, the compliments I get, and my self-esteem, because I know I’ve made my efforts 🙂 I know that you have to take care of your body to feel good.
Rumi’s workouts teach us will and discipline, re-educate tastes and understandings.

I’m glad I chose her!

Come on, send me an e-mail in just 3 words “I Want Change” and we start together 🙂

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