Beginner do do 39 Minute Burn And Tone Total Body Home Workout Level2


In this workout the working interval is shorter but we change the exercises without rest for 1 minute and 20 seconds.

For new readers: if you never worked out before, start with the 90 day challenge, because in the beginning the workouts are easier and they get harder every other day. After you go through the challenge follow the weekly training programs.

If you work out regularly but don’t achieve results – change something! If you think the reason is in the food you eat, try to count calories.

If you want more challenging workout, try the harder version.

8 exercise combos
Do each combo for 1:20 minutes, 3 no rest intervals 13/13, 10 seconds do exercise, 3 seconds to change the starting position.
Do all combos one after the other and this is 1 round of the workout. If you have time and power, do 3 rounds.

Combo 1 – cardio, calves, abs
1. Jump on LEFT leg, RIGHT knee raise
2. Jumping jacks

Combo 2 – cardio, calves, abs
1. Jump on RIGHT leg, LEFT knee raise
2. Scissors

Combo 3 – cardio, calves, abs
1. Hold LEFT side plank
2. Mountain climber

Combo 4 – shoulders, chest, abs
1. Hold RIGHT side plank
2. Elbow plank hold

Combo 5 – thighs, back
1. Static lunge with dumbbell LEFT
2. Row RIGHT arm

Combo 6 – thighs, back
1.Static lunge with dumbbell RIGHT
2.Row LEFT arm

Combo 7 – abs
1. Leg raise
2. Ankles touch
3. Boat hold

Combo 8 – abs
1. Push up
2. Plank jump to squat

Which combo was most difficult for you?

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