My Favorite Baby Purchases 1-3 Months


Gorgeous, I want to share with you what has been helpful to me during Max’s first three months. I hope this will be useful to those of you who don’t have children and want to buy great presents to friends.

I’ve read similar posts on blogs I follow and they were really helpful when I had to choose gifts for friends and I didn’t have a child and had no idea what was appropriate to give.

This is not a sponsored post, I don’t advertise anyone and on the whole website there isn’t an article that is an ad. I do not accept advertising propositions. I buy everything on my own.

1. The book ‘The Happiest Baby’

This book really helped us figure out what a newborn needs of and how baby can sleep calm and for long time. While sleeping the growth hormone is released, so it’s important for the babies to sleep a lot. It’s also important for the parents as well 🙂 The hardest thing about being a mother is the insomnia but thanks to the help of this book, and My Love, I manage to get up to 7 hours of sleep per day.
Max had a really strong Moro reflex (he spreads his arms) which disturbs his sleep. We start to swaddle him up tightly with hands next to the body and his sleep quality significantly improved. Of course, my sleep quality improved as well 🙂 .

The book is written interestingly, with a sense of humor and gives valuable information how to make a swift change for the baby from living inside the womb and outside of it. Our friends’ baby didn’t stop crying all night long. After we gave them advice from the book it immediately worked – their baby started sleeping 🙂 . Of course, every baby is different and you have to try and search for methods that work for your baby, so it can sleep as long as possible during the first months.
I think this book is a great gift for new parents!

It’s not suitable for babies older than 3 months, the techniques inside are for newborns.

2. A white noise app
бял шумIn order to relax Max I used a hair dryer, he fell asleep right after I turned it on. The disadvantage is that it’s an electric device and it raises the temperature in the room when works for 40 minutes 🙂 . Then I thought it’s not possible not to have an app. Not only there is, but there are more than 15 sounds in it. You can set the length of the sound, so it automatically shuts off or to be always on. There is a function to mix 3 sounds at the same time – for example a heartbeat, hair dryer and a lullaby ha ha ha. I mostly used the hair dryer, I also liked the sound of a car in motion, but it didn’t worked that fast with Max. So I used it when he was already sleeping and leaving that as white noise. Before I got pregnant I couldn’t sleep if there were any sounds, everything had to be quiet. You have to see me now – cars sounds, hair dryers, washing machines ha ha ha all night long 🙂 .

I strongly recommend this app. It’s called White Noise Baby Sleep (for Android).
I guess there is a similar one for iPhone.

3. Mini bed

I bought it online from Hippoland and I’m very satisfied with this purchase. We set it up on my side of the bed by lowering the side that’s towards me so I can see the baby when I open my eyes. There is a possibility for adjusting the height so I can see the baby all the time without getting up of the bed. I can use this mini bed while Max reaches 9 kg which means about 5-6 months or until the baby fits in. There is a function for swinging, which i use when the baby awakes and I try to put him back to sleep. It’s not heavy and you can move it all over the house.

I’ve seen this as an alternative of the bed, which is placed in the parents’ bed and the baby is both in the bed and on its own. In this way you can get over the fear of squashing the baby. I think most moms have this fear in the first month.

4. Shopping online from

I buy clothes online, because it’s super quick and the quality is very high. I receive the delivery 3 days after I order it. They send me a text with confirmation of the delivery date. All Next clothes are very nice! The baby clothes are very affordable. There are also women’s clothing, accessories, etc.

5. AlmaVin bio washing powder
Washes great and has no harmful ingredients. It’s all natural. There is no need for a fabric softener. It smells nice until the clothes are wet and afterwards there is no smell. It’s important for me that the clothes doesn’t have an aroma afterwards, so I don’t force any smells on he baby, he is dressed all the time and I don’t want him to smell only the washing powder. It’s fully biodegradable and it doesn’t soil the groundwater. I use 30 g for a load of washing, which is not full. Baby clothes hardly fill the washing machine. Max doesn’t really have a lot of clothes, because every 3-4 week he changes his size and I don’t see the point of buying a lot from one size.

6. A bath support Angel care, that I put in the bathing tub

In the first month I showered Max in the bathroom sink, because he was tiny and it was comfortable. Even more, people from the hospital advised me that I should bathe him under running water. After the first month he started to move so much and I was worried not to drop him while showering so I started using the tub. But there is a lot of water in it, the baby rises on top and it is not stable – it wasn’t safe. So I got this attachment that I put the baby on to lay down and fill the tub. Max loves bathing since his first day. We turn it into fun time. His feet relaxed during the first time, he was really stiff the whole time before that. Warm water is great for him and he doesn’t stop smiling. This attachment makes bathing time a pleasure for both of us. I bought it from a local pharmacy, you can order it from Amazon.

7. Baby cosmetics

I write about this because I receive a lot of questions and also because it’s suitable for a gift, not only for a newborn.

During my pregnancy I used the Mustela lotion for stretchmarks and I chose Max’s cosmetics to be mainly Mustela, but I am no brand slave.

For example, the most favorite sore skin cream is Weleda marigold nappy cream. It smells great – of herbs and plants. It’s economical – you use small quantity and spread well, there is no need to put much. I use it every time I change the diaper. I wash Max or use wet towels beforehand, I dry him and then use the cream. A friend of mine recommended me this cream.

I also use the Mustela vitamin barrier cream for sore skin. There is hardly any smell, it spreads veeeery easy. I also loved this one so one time I use Weleda, and the other Mustela.

I use the Mustela cleansing cream for bathing (it’s suitable for atopic skin). I use it for prevention and as a gentle product for bathing. Max doesn’t really have any skin challenges. One bottle is enough for a month or so.

After bathing it’s time for massage – I use Mustela’s oil, I’m in love with its smell and I connect it with Max’s smell and overall baby smell. We joke around at home that we will get a box of this oil for the time Max grows up and leaves our house. I also use it on his head, I kiss him all the time so I practically use it on my lips, too 🙂 . After bathing we have 10-15 minutes of massaging, he loves it 🙂 . This one is enough for a month of everyday use.

SPF+ Mustela cream. I got it just in case. Max doesn’t lie in the sun yet, but sometimes it happens and I’ve used this twice on his arms and face.

8. Eco food box

It’s made of steel. I use it to bring food whenever we are on a walk. It closes tightly, but not hermetically. It’s not suitable for liquid food. It’s suitable for a salad, muffins, steaks, eggs. It’s light and fits one giant meal. I often gets hungry because of the breastfeeding so I always take food with me when I go out. A friend told me about it and I quickly bought one because it’s great.

A Question:
Which are your favorite products for the first 3 months of your baby?
Share some for 3-6 months, because I’m headed into that direction and I can prepare 🙂

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