Apricot Parfait Cake


Gorgeous, this recipe is so fresh, light and tasty!

Just 100 kcal per slice!!!

This is an amazing summer (but not only) dessert. Super quick recipe. You only have to place the parfait in the fridge to set until firm, overnight is great. I tried the parfait in 3 hours after preparing it, but the slice was still liquidy. On the next day you can easily cut it to beautiful slices. You can garnish it with fresh peaches or ice cream ball, mmm 🙂

This parfait cake is great for people with bad knees. I suggest to all my clients facing such challenges to take gelatine or collagen (I also take collagen). In a month they share for a better state or complete vanish of the pain. Probably, this is not a solution for everyone, but if you have similar challenges, it would not hurt to try. But you need to be serious about it and take gelatine or collagen every single day. It does not work if you take it one day and do not take it for 2 days.


For the cake

2 eggs
100 g dried apricots – the uncultivated are dark brown not orange (or use dates)
30 g flour (I used spelled, it contains less gluten; for gluten free version – use rice or buckwheat flour)
½ teaspoon baking powder

For the filling

1 kg pitted apricots + 50 g water
400 g yogurt (I used goat yogurt) or coconut milk if you want dairy free parfait cake
40 g gelatine + 150 g water

Optional: you can add honey or maple syrup (I didn’t use any sweetener as the parfait was sweet enough just of the apricots; maple syrup has more minerals than honey).


To prepare the filling:
1. Mix the gelatine, water and yogurt. Maybe it will have some lumps, but it will dissolve in the blender.
2. Put the apricots on the stove with the water to a low temperature and steam them for 3-4-5 minutes. If you cook them longer, you can store the dessert longer. Also, you need to have something warm for the cold gelatine. Cut half of the apricots to pieces, blend the other half.
3. Combine all ingredients for the filling (without the cut apricots) in the blender and blend until the mixture gets homogeneous. Add the cut apricots and stir by hand.
4. Try it and add some sweetener if you would like.

To prepare the cake, process in a food processor fitted with an S blade the eggs and dry apricots until homogeneous mixture (it takes some time as the apricots are not as soft as dates). My mixture was not completely smooth, I left some small pieces. Add the flour and baking powder and process again for a little while. Pour in a springform pan (26 cm diameter). It is standard size cake, i.e. not a small one, but a big one. You get a really thin cake. Use a spoon or a spatule to spread the batter and smooth the top with a spatula. Bake at 170C (340F) for 8-10 minutes in preheated oven.

After the cake cools down, pour over the filling. Place the parfait cake in the fridge to set until firm. I tasted it after 3 hours in the fridge and at the ends was ready, but still liquid in the center. So, let is sit for a while.

Amazingly tasty and light parfait, 100 kcal per slice!!! It has a light sour touch. My version was not sweet, but fresh. If you like sweet treats, add some honey – try adding 20 gr at a time.

Nutritional facts for the whole recipe according to cronometer.com
Servings: 12
Calories: 100 kcal
/if you add honey, the calories of the parfait will increase/
Energy: 1280 kcal
Protein: 27%
Fat: 13%
Carbs: 60%

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