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Gorgeous today I motivate you with Anna’s story. I love the fact that she saw a life lesson in her change and that she loves herself not because she lost some weight, but because now she appreciates herself.

I think Anna changed super fast, having in mind that she was breastfeeding when we started. I am quite conservative with decreasing food for nursing women and usually the results aren’t that fast. But even when people lose weight quickly, all think it’s slowly 🙂 . I have experience and Anna definitely changed quickly, she is a lucky lady 🙂 .

She followed meal plan and worked out for 3 months and these are her results. By the time I publish her story, a month passed and she has even better results. The results below are after 4 months working out (the photos are after 3 months):

– 18 kilograms, 40 lbs (was 82 now 64)
– 16 cm from her waist (was 88 now 72)
– 18 cm from her hips (was 112 now 94)
– 12 cm from her thighs (was 67 now 55)
– 4 cm from the calves (was 40 now 36)
– 5 cm from her arm (was 29 now 24)

If you want to start your change, email me just the words: ‘I want to change’.


My name is Anna and I’m 35 years old.

I decided to share with you my big positive change, because I know there are a lot of women that want to do something for themselves in order to feel comfortable in their body. I motivated myself in addition to the help from Rumi by reading and watching wonderful results of women that followed a workout program and a meal plan created by Rumi.

Rumi, you are wonderful!

First I would like to say that I haven’t always been fat. On the contrary! I was thin and the difference from now is that I always used to find something in my body to criticize and doing things in order to fix that. There is nothing wrong with this, but when I gained nearly 30 kg I found out that there was no need I demanded myself.

I’ve been following Rumi and her website for a long time and worked out with her when I had the chance. I wasn’t interested in diets that much.

I got pregnant. Contrary on popular belief, I started gaining weight like crazy.
In the beginning I didn’t understand what was happening, but going further with my pregnancy, I started worrying. The moment when I was on a crossroad came… should I start a reasonable meal plan or to go with the flow and act later on?

I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t find any reasonable meal plans. Then I though of Rumi.
I found one of her exemplary diets during pregnancy and I emailed her. She answered me that she doesn’t create meal plans for pregnant ladies and was right. She urged me to contact her when I give birth and stop breastfeeding.

I calmed down and I was sure that I will get everything off after giving birth. I constantly would repeat to myself that I will do this when I lose weight, I will wear this…
I didn’t expected that kilograms will be so much and scary.

I continued gaining weight. I was restricting myself from a lot of food, I didn’t eat more or differently before my pregnancy but I don’t know how I kept getting heavier and heavier. I gave up on thinking about it and let it go.

I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy!

I stepped onto the weight scale and it showed the horrible 84 kilograms.

I was terrified. People consoled me and told me that I will get them off easily by breastfeeding, like they would evaporate. Good! I couldn’t think straight at the time, I was tired and I would eat whenever I had the time and whatever was in the house without thinking twice about it.
In 2 months I found out that I’ve lost only 2 kilograms and that was it.

The winter happened to be scarier than the summer when it got to clothes and shoes. I wouldn’t fit in my boots, I was wearing men’s jackets, I wore yoga pants and sporty ‘fancy’ suits. On top of it I started realizing how uncomfortable I was feeling with these kilograms.
Vanity was not even in the picture.

I started reading Rumi’s website again and I stumbled upon Daniela’s story. I would like to thank her about what she shared.

I saw that she started her change during breastfeeding and I wasn’t going to wait a minute more.
This is the moment to mention that I had a C-section and I had to be very careful with the moves for 6 months according to the doctors.

I didn’t waited 6, around the 5th one I already had emailed Rumi. She advised me to consult with my doctor first. I listened. And then I started her personal program. I had additional food because of the breastfeeding.

It was hard in the beginning. I would get up in 6 AM, feed my boy, he would fall asleep and I would work out. The kilograms were heavy and I would barely manage to get through a workout, but I didn’t give up.

After the first week I was – 3 kg and I felt that in my every day life. Afterwards I had to change the time for working out. In some moment I managed to work out at night. At this moment, I don’t have a set time to work out. Whenever I could, I do it. But that doesn’t put me down and I still get results.

I was very surprised by the meal plan. I didn’t expect that with a little baby on hands I will be able to cook different meals, even though I had a baby in hand. I managed it from the first day. I wasn’t hungry, it was delicious and that pushed me even more. Turned out to be easy, because Rumi took care of it all, I just had to follow it without thinking how to combine products or what to cook.

Later on I managed upgrade as a ‘veteran’ and got the courage to make swaps and change things that are admissible. I would ask her for anything and she always answered positively, even though I was a bit annoying at times. She would encourage me when I complained that I’m not having my results like I used to, because even though I was prepared and calm that the process will be hard, when I started I lost weight really fast and the expected standstill got me off my game for a little while.

Thanks to Rumi and her positive advice I didn’t lost hope – I got it together and moved on.
Now this is my result. I’m still a bit far from what I want but I am very much closer to it than before starting.

I am calm and I know that I will achieve what I want in that direction. Yes, I still have a belly, I want to get in better shape and be toned, but I don’t really think about it. I know that the moment will come. I keep following my meal plan and work out with Rumi, wear those old favorite clothes that I packed in boxes and for a moment I lost hope that I will wear them again.

Now I have the energy to take a run in the park, to carry my baby’s stroller up and down the stairs and to secretly look at myself in store windows.

I’m not sorry I gained that much weight. (I think I’ve emailed this to Rumi 🙂 ) . Well, yes, it couldn’t have happened but I wouldn’t get the lesson I learned now.

I was thin, I looked good but I would always criticize myself. Now things are completely different. I like myself! And the biggest satisfaction is feeling the change day after day.

The result of me gaining weight is a wonderful and witty boy that gives me joy and makes me happy. And the result from my change made me more confident and disciplined.

I’m proud with what I achieved and I don’t know if a huge “Thank you” to Rumi will be ever enough!
Rumi, thank you for what you’re doing for all women like me!

If you want to start your tranformation, email ме just: “I want change!”

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