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Hey, Gorgeous!

Christmas is coming soon and I know that the upcoming holidays usually have that effect on us to take us out of the comfort zone. Or out of our meal plan zone😊 It’s pretty normal, believe me, because we usually put the food in the center of the events :)) To visit all the grandmothers, mothers, mothers-in-law aunts, uncles… eh….a real challenge!

I understand you 🙂 And I can assure you that you are absolutely capable of taking the things in your hand and have full control over the situation. How? You can eat and a pumpkin pie, and Xmas turkey and all the food, but in the right quantities and prepared in an appropriate way 🙂 You will eat deliciously, you will train regularly and in a few months you will say to yourself like Aneta did “I have never liked myself as much as I do now!”

I am so very happy with these words and they inspired me, I want to pass the inspiration to you too and to wish you to love yourself! 🙂
Send me an email with the words “I want a change” and we will start together 🙂 See what the lifestyle change program includes.
I leave you with the story of Aneta 🙂


“Before I got pregnant, I’ve never felt uncomfortable in my skin, never. Here I open a bracket to say that I have never liked myself as much as I do now!

At this stage of my life, weight does not matter, because I like myself when I look in the mirror, but it was not like that before.
When I got pregnant I was 53 kg, and when I gave birth and started breastfeeding, I nailed the scale to 74 kg.

My daughter was one year old and I stopped breastfeeding. I started training with Rumi with the ninety-day challenge for beginners and slowly started to lose weight, reaching the coveted 69 kg. Then it turned out that I was pregnant again.

This action with the pregnancy and the breastfeeding up to a year was repeated three times in total in two years. But after my third child, things got really bad, I reached 80 kg and I felt terrible. Clumsy, no self-confidence, all my clothes looked awful on me, I was depressed, I didn’t like myself, I got tired quickly, I could hardly get up in the morning…

I often said to myself that I would start tomorrow, but that tomorrow never came …

Then I got an advertisement with Rumi on Facebook.
I remembered her from many years ago, my memory was that I came across her videos. And some time ago a friend of mine also told me that she followed a meal plan, but at that time I was not yet “mature” enough to understand what exactly she was telling me then.
Well, the moment had come and guided by my feelings I wrote to Rumi. Maybe If I had listened to my mind, I would still wonder if I should do it.

I always knew Rumi was my “man” 😊 Her workouts fully met my understanding and sense of an activity. Most importantly, she didn’t make me go to the gym and train with equipment, all I needed was a pair of dumbbells and resistance bands at home.
Her way of communication by email suited me perfectly.

She answered very quickly, kindly and understandingly. Something I needed at that time, was just someone to give me confidence, to tell me that it is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding.

Then she prepared a meal plant for me, based on the foods I love and with minimal compromises on both sides. A menu that was tailored to my favorite foods and breastfeeding at the same time.

I admit, because of Rumi I started eating fruits. Something I didn’t consume at all before.

In the beginning I started with exercises for beginners and I was strictly following the menu for the day.

I saw the results in the first week. Whole four kilos less. I remember how motivated I was and how I followed my achievements in a table.
Sometimes I couldn’t eat all the food I had for the day. In 5 months I managed to lose 23 kilograms.

What more can I say, I am very happy with today’s date. I eat whatever I feel like eating, but I don’t binge eating. This is something I have promised myself. I don’t see the point of doing it, if my stomach hurts and I’d feel bloated after that.

I no longer measure the food I eat, but I rely on my intuition.
I train for half an hour every day and I have rest on the weekends. At the moment I weigh 57 kilograms, which I take simply as a number and not a measurement for my vision. Because I have been these kilograms before, but never so fit and tight, and I dare to say that the difference is huge!

Today, looking in the mirror, I like myself and most importantly – I have an awful lot of energy and I’m happy!❤️”

Gorgeous, you can be happy, strong and energetic as well🙂 Send me an email with the words “I want a change” and we will start together! I’ll be by your side to help you! 😊

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