Advanced Strength Balance Core And Total Body Workout 19 Minute Home Exercises Level 3


This workout is great for the days we don’t have time for long workout and also is great for the days we want long workout. One round is 19 minutes and we work really hard for total body. If you are in mood for long, brutal workout, do 2 or 3 rounds and you will lie in a small pool of your sweat ๐Ÿ™‚

If you enter this website for the first time: I advise you to start with the 90 day challenge because the workouts get harder every other day. Don’t start with workouts that are impossible to be done by you, it will demotivate you!

If you want to burn fat and to shape up your body you can try to count calories.

If you think this workout is too hard for you, try the easier version.

Do 1, 2 oar 3 rounds depending on how masochistically is your mood ๐Ÿ˜€

1. Burpee staggered push up + air scissor jump โ€“ 16
2. Squat kicks โ€“ 16
3. Renegade row RIGHT + reverse squat โ€“ 16
4. Butt side raise RIGHT side โ€“ 32
5. Renegade row RIGHT side โ€“ 8
6. Butt back raise RIGHT leg – 32
7. LEFT side plank – RIGHT leg forward kick โ€“ 16
8. Plank LEFT jump – RIGHT knee tuck โ€“ 16
9. V sit + twist โ€“ 16
10. Deep jump squat โ€“ 16
11. Shoulder side raise โ€“ 16
12. Renegade row LEFT + reverse squat โ€“ 16
13. Butt side raise LEFT leg โ€“ 32
14. Renegade row LEFT side โ€“ 8
15. Butt back raise LEFT side – 32
16. RIGHT side plank – LEFT leg forward kick โ€“ 16
17. Plank RIGHT jump – LEFT knee tuck โ€“ 16
18. Bent knees V sit + back activation โ€“ 16
19. Deep jump squat โ€“ 16
20. Hammer curl + press up โ€“ 16

Which exercise was most challenging for you?
The last one was really too much for me. Plank plus jump on one leg and the other leg to abs was also difficult. Shoulder side raise with 5 kg (10 lbs) dumbbells and 16 reps is still impossible for me.

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