Abs Butt And Thigh HIIT 30 Minute Toning And Fat Burning Workout Level 2


This workout is part of the 90 day challenge. We train 5 days a week and build new habits. The point is to change our lives, not only to train temporarily. If you stop by at my place for the first time, join us and begin to train with day 1. In the beginning of the challenge the workouts are easier and every day they get harder. Start from day 1 so your body will get used to the workouts.

This workout has a harder version.

Circuit workout 3 rounds
1 round has 20 intervals 20/10
Take 1-2 minutes rest after each round. The rest is walking around the room, don’t sit or lie down.

1. Plank and 3 side steps
2. Jump to plank and step to squat
3. Hands on the floor and kick to the back
4. Scissors jumps
5. Reverse lunge alternating legs
6. Jumping jacks
7. Step to plank go up and 3 jump ropes
8. Abs pulses
9. Plank
10. Donkey jumps for beginners
11. Frog claps for beginners
12. Dips on floor
13. Bird-dog from knees
14. Up right row
15. Abs – leg raise
16. Small run steps
17. Step to plank and jump to squat
18. Romanian deadlift
19. Squat
20. Jumps left-right

Which exercise did you like/don’t like?
I’m asking what it most challenging for you, so I will include it more often 🙂


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