Abs Booty And Thighs Exercises Total Body Fat Burning And Toning Workout Level 3


This workout is part of the 90 day challenge. Join and train with us, start from the beginning with day 1.

This workout has an easier version.

Interval training, 2 rounds
After the first round take 1-2 minutes rest.
1 round has 13 intervals 60/10, 15 minutes

Do the first combination 2 intervals in a row

1. 2 push ups, jump to squat and twist the body
2. Hands on dumbbells 10 mountain climbers with knee to the opposite arm, jump to squat, bicep row, press up
3. Reverse plank with bend legs on 1 leg, side crunches to the opposite elbow to knee
4. Like 3 to the other side
5. Plank 2 dumbbells to the opposite ankle, renegade row LEFT arm
6. Like 5 with the RIGHT arm
7. Lunges front-back LEFT center leg
8. Lunges front-back RIGHT center leg
9. Plie squat
10. Standing kick to the side, LEFT leg and twist knee to the opposite elbow
11. Like 10. The other leg
12. Squat, lift dumbbells side and up alternating hands

Which exercise was most challenging?
10 and 11 were impossible for me if my leg was higher aside.


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