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What is this blog about?

Fitnessrum.com is a creative mixture of fitness, food, positive mind and feeling good in your own skin.

Warning: You may see many Bulgarisms (direct translations from Bulgarian to English) and I hope this will make you laugh not feel ratty 🙂 I would appreciate if you correct me in the comments, so feel free to suggest proper wording, grammar, spelling, I love to learn new things, although I am not so good in languages.

Who is Rumi?
Rumiana is a creative fitness and food addict. After years of practicing many different physical activities as a hobby, she decided to quit her marketing job and became a personal trainer. Since then she have helped many people to feel the joy of a killer workout and become exercise addicts.


Personal info about Rumi
Born on 16th July 1975. Lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. Favorite foods – eggs, sea food, salad. Favorite drink – water, red wine. Weight – 53 kg (116 lbs). Height 163 cm (5’4”). Body fat 15%. Books – magic, science fiction, utopia, vampires. Rumi films and edits her workout videos herself. She is crazy about cats and healthy cooking, but loves dogs too (not hot dogs 😉 ). Rumi may speak (and write) funny English, but her workouts are serious job, yet fun too! She loves to share her own experience and to learn from yours.

Rumi’s workout schedule
I love to work out each day. I am exercise addicted and I take rest days only if I feel I need to. I listen to my body and I am very careful to not over train. Rest is an important part of being healthy. I need a rest day after a split routines (Lower-Upper body), but I may end up doing low intensity cardio on my recovery day 🙂 I don’t recommend anybody working out every day! Every person is different and on different fitness level. I have years of exercise experience to reach to the point I can’t live without feeling the endorphins after physical activity. But there are times I take 2-3-4 rest days – it all depends how I feel and sometimes, you know, life happens (family, job …). I hate feeling guilty for not being able to exercise or eating “bad” food. Guilt is very efficient mind killer! I regret to feel guilt because of being me and if you can change one thing – stop feeling guilty! Do your best and you will become a better person. Don’t compare to anybody else, just compare to where you were and where you are now.


How can Rumi help you?
I try to create fun and diverse routines so you and I never get bored and we are motivated to become a better person – stronger, positive and helpful. Doing this recharges me with positive energy – I believe in power of Giving! My workouts train the body as a whole not in parts. I post pictures and recipes of my food so you get ideas and knowledge. There are tons of exercise info out there but I think most people lack knowledge that food is 80% responsible for their outlook. It was long time ago when I was interested in how I look, but I remember that this was strong starting motivation and I completely understand if you want to work out just to look good. Just be informed that you need to pay close attention to food to fulfill your goal faster 😉

What type of workouts are these?
I believe in functional training and preparing the body to enjoy and meet life (sometimes it is hard). If you love playing any game – your body will be prepared to meet the load of the game injury and fatigue free. If you enjoy climbing mountains the endurance built via workouts will help you enjoy the walk more. Or you will just experience good posture, pain free back and knees, positive mood, agility and you will start to cope with hard situations better. I know it sounds odd but workouts spread their power beyond being fit.


Do you need equipment to follow my workouts?
Years ago, I started exercising just with my bodyweight. But since then my strength has grown, and I added weights to my workouts. I use a pair of dumbbells and a sand bag. You don’t need any equipment to start; just your own body (is your own gym – like the title of the brilliant book by Joshua Clark). Sometimes I make videos with water bottles to show that you can be creative with what you have in your house. And bottles can be different sizes; you don’t need to spend money on equipment. But if you want to, my recommendation is to start with a pair of dumbbells at least 6 pounds each (or even more). If you are a parent, your kid usually weighs more than 12 pounds, and I am sure you effortlessly lift her/him, right? 🙂 So why do you want to exercise with less weight 😉 Next good purchase would be a sand bag because it can be light or heavy depending on the salt/rice/beans 😉 it is filled with.


When do you start to see results?
It depends what you define as results. If you want to look better, you have to combine food and exercise together – usually you see changes each week after starting exercise and nutrition plan. My advice is to take photos of you before starting and take new photos every 4 weeks. It is motivation booster to check your pics every 4 weeks. You”ll see where you have started, you’ll know what got you there and you are more motivated to keep moving forward.

If your goal is to build strength, you can achieve it without so tight restrictions on food. Although I believe that it is important what gets in your body and it builds the foundation of feeling good. But every person has different believes, so follow yours 🙂

How to contact Rumi?
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