Welcome to FitnessRum.com, Gorgeous ❤️

What is this website about?

Fitnessrum.com is a creative mixture of home online workouts, recipes, positive thoughts and feeling great in your own skin.

Who is Rumi?
I’m a creative online fitness coach and a foodie. After years of practicing many different physical activities as a hobby, I decided to quit my job in the Marketing field and became a personal trainer. Since then I have helped many people to feel the joy of a killer workout and become better version of themselves😀

Personal info about Rumi
I’m born on 16th July 1975. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. Up to date I’m 45 years YOUNG and I feel in my best shape ever. I eat mainly plant- based food and I’m trying to make people see the beauty and the variety you can have eating more vegetables every day. I love to have a glass of wine in the evenings. My usual weight is 53 kg (116 lbs) to a height of 163 cm (5’4”). I have a 4 years old son. I workout regularly from 5 to 20 mins per day, depending on my day, but I can assure that this gives phenomenal results. I film and edit my workouts myself. I’m crazy about healthy and fast cooking recipes, which you can prepare for you or your entire family. I love to share my experience on many everyday topics and to learn from yours.

Rumi’s workout schedule
I love to work out 5 days a week and the other 2 to have long walks and family time. I am exercise addicted but I also listen to my body and I am very careful to not overtrain. Rest is an important part of being healthy (especially if you don’t have enough sleep or you have a small child). My mantra is do even a 5 mins workout today and never feel guilty for not being able to exercise or eating “bad” food. Guilt is a very efficient mind killer! I always advise my clients to do their best everyday and they will become a better person. Don’t compare to anybody else, just compare to where you were and where you are now ❤️😍

How can Rumi help you?
I try to create fun and diverse workouts so you and I never get bored and we are motivated to become stronger, positive and helpful. My workouts are designed to train the whole body. I share with you pictures and recipes so can you get ideas and knowledge. Most people don’t know that food is 80% responsible for how they look. Working out just speeds up and supports the process. Long time ago I was there too – caring only about how I look, and I know that this is a strong starting motivation and I completely understand and support you. But being healthier by working out regularly and eating good live food, this is something that will not just make you look good, it’s will change your life forever🥰

What type of workouts are these?
I believe in functional training and preparing the body to enjoy and meet everyday life. If you enjoy climbing mountains the endurance built via workouts will help you enjoy the walk more. Or your body will get more resistant to injuries and fatigue. Or you will improve your posture, relieve back or knee pain, you will be in a better mood and you will start to cope with hard situations better. I know it sounds odd but workouts spread their power beyond being fit.😉

Do you need equipment to follow my workouts?
Years ago, I started exercising with just my bodyweight. But since then my strength has grown, and I added weights to my workouts. I use a pair of dumbbells 5 kg each and very often a resistance band and sometimes a ball. You don’t need any equipment to start; just your own body and then slowly start adding. I have made videos with water bottles instead of dumbbells to show that you can be creative with what you have in your house. My recommendation is to start with a pair of dumbbells at least 3 kg each (or even more). If you are a woman, I am pretty sure that your purse is heavier than 3 kg 😉 and you effortlessly carry it around, right? 🙂 So why do you want to exercise with less weight 😉

When do you start to see results?
It depends on what you define as results. If you want to be in better shape, you have to combine food and workouts together. And I’m here to help you do that. Usually you can see changes each week after starting your meal plan. My advice is to take photos of you before starting and take new photos every 4 weeks. It is a motivation booster to check your pics every 4 weeks and keep moving forward.

If your goal is to build endurance and become stronger, you can achieve it without so tight restrictions on food. Although I believe that it is important what gets in your body and it builds the foundation of feeling good.

You may see the Success Stories of my happy clients and the only thing they regretted was that they haven’t started earlier!❤️🥰⭐

How to contact Rumi?
I also share daily many things with you on www.facebook.com/fitnessrum and www.instagram.com/fitnessrum/