90 Days – Bonus Points


We collect points to buy pizza, pasta, chocolate or something else. I suggest you, in the next 3 months not to eat junk food. You can eat a cheat meal only if you buy it with bonus points. But before you eat a cheat meal, you have to collect points. I want to clarify that I am not against eating sweet and dough. I am against being addicted to junk food. Every addiction is cured by lowering the dose gradually. That’s why we are lowering the dose of sweet and dough and in the same time we have to deserve it.

Rules for collecting bonus points
You get a bonus point every day when you do something additional to the daily workout. The daily workout is a must and you don’t get points for it.

5 workouts per week give you 2 points. If you do 4 workouts, you don’t get any points.
Every day when you build a new habit, you get 1 bonus point (you can see some examples below).
You can get 2 bonus points maximum per day, even if you build 3-4 new habits.

If you attract a new person to the Challenge – you get 1 bonus point.

What you can buy with the bonus points

10 points – 1 cheat meal, you can eat as much of your favorite food as you want without weighing it on the kitchen scale. It doesn’t matter what the food is. But you eat only this kind of food. Just pizza, for example. Or just chocolate. You can’t eat both of them. After you have your meal, you decrease 10 of the collected points and continue collecting.

5 points – you can eat fixed quantity of some of the following foods: 50 gr chocolate, 80 gr pasta (weigh raw), a piece of pizza (not large), a small doner or something else, but don’t overeat, just a small portion. Don’t forget to decrease the collected points 🙂 .

What you can get points for

These are just examples. Everybody knows her/his weaknesses. The idea it to challenge yourself for something you want but postponed for a long time. Or if you don’t have such weakness, collect bonus points for extra physical activity. Here are some ideas:

30 minutes walking per day – 1 bonus point for each day.

5 workouts per week – 2 bonus points for the week.

Prepare the food yourself – 1 bonus point for each day.

Playing with the children for 30 minutes per day – games like running, jumping rope. You get 1 bonus point per day.

Try a new sport – for example boxing, climbing. You don’t have to keep practicing it if you don’t like the sport. You get 1 bonus point for trying a new sport. Keep trying until you find a sport you fall in love with.

Don’t use an elevator. You have to climb at least 20 floors per day – 1 bonus point. You don’t get points just for 4 floors 😉 .

To prepare the food for the family in “healthy” way, but they don’t realize it. You get 1 bonus point for each healthy meal.

Stop eating when you are not eating. This means you eat only when you have to. Don’t take any chocolate, cookie or something else – 1 point for each day. It is only for people who have such cravings. If you don’t eat between meals, you don’t get bonus point for this, because you don’t have this habit, find a new one 🙂 .

40 minutes daily workout – 1 bonus point. It is a double workout for me. 20 minutes workout is my usual workout. Of course, you can train only 5 minutes per day, if you don’t have time for a long workout. But if you do a double workout you get a bonus point. You can do only one 40 minutes workout per week and you get 1 bonus point for it (the other days you do short workouts). Two 40 minutes workouts – 2 bonus points.

The list above is just an example. You can challenge yourself with something totally different. Except for regularly training, we work for building a new habit in the next 90 days. Everybody knows what she/he wants. You get 1 bonus point each day, when you do the thing you challenge yourself with.

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