90 Day Challenge


This is the page where all links for the 90 Day Challenge will be published. Here, I will write down some instructions, so in the end of the Challenge you can see your results 🙂

1. Take photos wearing swimming suit or underwear.
3 photos – frontal, profile and back. Take new photos every 30 days.

2.Take down your measures.
How to take down your measure?
In the morning, on an empty stomach, after toilette and before workout. If you take the measures after you eat, it is normal the waist and stomach to be bigger. After workout, the muscles are filled with blood, so the measures will stay bigger for several hours.

Use a measuring tape to take down the measures of your bust (through the breasts without bra), waist, hip, left and right thigh, left and right calf, arm (relaxed bicep size).

Measure the waist several times while you find the smallest measurement. The waist is the smallest measurement between the bust and hip. The measure around the tummy button is not the waist, but if you want you can also take down this measure 🙂

Measure several times and take down the biggest number for all other zones – bust, hip, thighs, calves, arms. From this moment on, these measures will only go down.

Don’t tighten the measuring tape.

Here is the list with all the workouts day by day – levels 2 and 3.

4.Eat clean (the right amount of food).

Here, you can find instructions how to use Myfitnesspal
If you want to combine training with eating clean, you can try counting calories. This is a great method to find out how much you eat. I don’t recommend counting calories forever, but only for a couple of months, while you calibrate with the quantity of the food.

5.Collect bonus points.

Bonus points – for pizza, pasta,chocolate.
We have 90 days to build a new habit. Everybody decides for herself/himself what the habit would be. The bonus points are for individual challenges. Challenge yourself for a new habit you would like to build in the next 90 days.


  1. TJ 25 November, 2014 at 11:57 Reply

    hi rumi ,
    I’m tj I read about your 90 day challenge but am a little confused i cannot find the exercises Day 1 level 1 please can u email me these exercises and the complete list as to day 1 to current one which you uploaded .I follow your workout routine which you have posted earlier but am confused about this challenge.Please help me as I am desperate to start this challenge but do not know where to begin. Rumi please guide me.
    Thank you

    • Rumi 2 March, 2015 at 07:06 Reply

      There is a link in this post to he page witj exercises, also in the menu above look for “90 day challenge” 🙂

  2. Stephanie Winslett 11 July, 2015 at 17:13 Reply

    I’ve tried so many different methods to losing weight and getting back in shape, but so far I’m liking your challenge. Day 1 for me today, thank you.

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