650 Reps Endurance Challenge Total Body Workout With Advanced Level Exercises Level 3


Do this workout with your own pace. Take rests, when you need. They are individual. Start doing the exercises in the most difficult way and when you can’t do anymore reps, modify to easier way.

If you work out for a long time and don’t see the results you want, be careful with the food you eat. If you want, try to count calories.

If workouts are something new for you, first try the 90 day challenge level 2. After it, try the level 2 of the weekly programs or you can jump to level 3.

If this workout is too challenging for you, try the easier version.

Do 50 reps of each exercises and after that go to the next exercise. Start with the hardest version of the exercise and when you can’t do anymore reps, modify to the easier version. Rests are individual. The reps are more than 650, if we count hammer curl, overhead press and kick back separately. Then we add 150 more reps 🙂 and the result is 800.

1. Squat – jump up on LEFT leg
2. Push up
3. Squat – jump up on RIGHT leg
4. Row RIGHT side
5. Abs – pull rope – doubles
6. Row LEFT side
7. Burpee without push up
8. Jumping jacks + scissors
9. High-low plank
10. LEFT leg side raise
11. LEFT leg reverse lunge + hammer curl + overhead press
12. RIGHT leg side raise
13. RIGHT leg reverse lunge + kick back

Which exercise did challenge you most?
I was breathless during the burpees.


  1. Elvira 10 April, 2015 at 20:40 Reply

    Love this workout….leg lunge almost killed me….over 400 cal burnt…my time was 46 mins…had to take extra rest in between sets….Will do it tomorrow to challenge time..Thank you Rumi! I am keeping up with you!

  2. rose marie 13 April, 2015 at 09:30 Reply

    wow!!!! 42:02 mn !!!! I am dead!!!!!! lol great workout!!!!!! it’s both physically and mentally challenging!!! I wanted to give up after 10 burpees…but I kept going despite my mental weakness!!! and now I am proud of myself!!! I did it!!! oh yeah!!! Have a lovely week Rumi!!

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