5 Minute Postpartum Total Body Toning Workout (also great for all women)


Gorgeous, time flies! It’s been awhile since I didn’t upload new workouts but now we start brand new series – 5 minute workouts 🙂

5 minute workouts are perfect for 5 or 20 minute workouts. You decide how many times to repeat them. I usually do them 4 times for a complete 20 minute workout. Sometimes I film 2 workouts per day and then I repeat every workout twice for a 20 minute workout. These are my workouts to get in shape after giving birth to my boy. They are also great for non-postpartum women, i.e. for everybody 🙂 I filmed this workout 11 weeks postpartum. I still have belly 🙂

Interval training, 5 intervals 30/30, 5 minutes
Do each exercise for 30 seconds and go to the next one, no rest. When you are done with the 5 minutes, rest for 30-60 seconds and start the workout over again. Do the whole workout 1 to 4-5 times. Don’t worry to take longer rest after every 5 minutes, just don’t sit keep moving (walk).

1. Lunge forward LEFT leg, hold in lunge, twist the torso to the left leg, rise and lift RIGHT knee, right leg step back and go to starting position
2. The same as 1, the other leg
3. Sliding side lunge RIGHT leg, adduction (moving the leg to the body) the right leg to the starting position
4. The same as 3, the other leg
5. Jump squat + 2 jumps in place with bicep curls
6. Side lie down extend LEFT arm + rise LEFT leg
7. The same as 6, the other side
8. Row LEFT side
9. Row RIGHT side
10. 4 runs in place + 1 jumping jack

How many reps of the workout did you do and how do you feel after it?

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