5 Minute Total Body Toning Workout For Strong Arms, Chest and Back Level 2


Gorgeous, we have another workout from 90 day exercise challenge. There is a harder version of this workout, when you are ready, try it!

No rest interval training.
10 intervals 20/10 5 minutes
In between exercises do chest or back exercise. Here is the flow:

1. 4 high knees, 4 jumping jacks
2. Push up
3. Lunge LEFT leg, on the move up extend arms infront of the chest
4. Row LEFT arm
5. Lunge RIGHT leg, on the move up, raise dumbbell above the head
6. Push ups
7. Alternating side lunge
8. Row RIGHT arm
9. Lie back-forward, extend legs
10. Push ups.

Do you think there are too many push ups in this workout?

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