5 Minute Cardio Abs and Thighs Workout Isometric Abs Exercises For a Flat Stomach Level 2


Fast cardio workout – part from 90 day exercise challenge. If this workout is not challenging, try the harder verssion.

You work out every day but don’t see visible results? This is because you may eat more than you need. Try do decrease your portion size by 1/4 and measere results after 2 weeks.

This si cardio workout with active rest. This means that there is no actual rest, and you do some light exercise for recovery. 10 seconds hold Plank

Interval training with active rest
10 intervals 20/10, 5 minutes
10 seconds Plank
20 seconds one of the following exercises

1. Alternating reverse lunge
2. Lie back and stand up, extend legs leaning forwad
3. Abs – legs to the ceiling, then forward
4. Hold half squat and jump over the mat
5. Hands on the floor, jump over the mat

Which exercise do you like the most?

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