5 Minute Bodyweight Only Aerobic Workout Total Body Toning Level 2


Interval training, 10 intervals 20/10
20 seconds work
10 seconds rest

You can do just this workout and better 3 or 4 rounds. After every round rest for 1 minute, but don’t sit! Walk or lighr jump rope.

1. Squat – one arm touch the floor, other hand straight backward. On move up switch arms and press backwards to activate back muscles. This is a total body exercise if you activate back muscles. Your goal is to activate as many muscles as you can.

2. From plank – twisy left – right leg bent on the floor, twist and extend torso, left arm and leg.

3. Jumping jacks.

4. Like 2. other leg.

5. From plank step forward heel to palm, alternate.

6. LEFT leg lunge arms side and up.

7. From plank butt kickers.

8. Like 6. other leg.

9. From plank jump out, step in.

10. Upright leg up and forward to opposite arm, alternate, 2 jump rope.


  1. Diane 23 October, 2014 at 12:27 Reply

    Hi , I love your workouts. Ihave two questions:
    1. is there ia sequence for the 3 levels for your 90 day challenge? For example , if I want to do the level 2, where do I begin? Right now, I am just randomly doing the workouts

    2. can you create a work out for long driving? Car work out?

    Thanks, I love these. Diane

    • rumiana.ilieva@gmail.com 23 October, 2014 at 12:49 Reply

      Thank you for your support! Yes, there is s schedulle for 90 day exercise challenge but on my Bulgarian website. I am in process to transate it and publish it here. It is strange because I am working on a car exercise program. It will take time to create execises and then to film them.

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