5 Minute Abs Workout – Stabilizing And Cardio Exercises For a Strong Core Level 2


This exercise combo is part from 90 day exercise challenge. There is a harder verssion of this same workout. Try it when you are ready 🙂

Exercises below target core with stabilizing and cardio exercises.

This is interval training, 5 intervals 40/20, 5 minutes

20 seconds alternate 10 jump rope – 10 scissors
40 second do following exercise combo:

1. Hold plank 10 seconds
2. Go up an jump left-right
3. Plank from knees + Push up
4. Plank on elbows, push butt back and up
5. Plank and start with 1.


  1. Diane Z 30 September, 2014 at 19:20 Reply

    Hi Rumiana,
    I found your workouts on you tube and am just beginning to get into them. I love them, they are a bit tough for now for me.

    The question I had is about your 90 day challenge. I tried to pull up the schedule or the plan from your website but all I get is the videos for exercising.

    Is there something that breaks down the 90 day challenge? What is it, how often do you do it, what is the sequence of exercises, what are the goals? At this point, I feel a bit disorganized with it, just videos that are not connected to each other or a flow. Maybe I missed something.

    Thanks for your help,

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