32 Minute Strength, Endurance And Brazilian Butt Lift Exercises Level 3


Gorgeous, this workout seems innocent and easy 😉 It tones great total body and all sides of the butt undergoe to special tortures.

If you enter the website for the first time, start with the 90 day challenge because the workouts get harder every other day, which gives you the opportunity to progress for sure. During the workout it must be hard for you, BUT possible to be done. Start with the level that perfectly fits you. Read the explanations for the 90 day challenge, it will take you just 5 minutes.

If you work out regularly for a long time and don’t see the results you want try to count calories.

This workout has an easier version.

Interval training, 2 rounds, if you want you can do 3rd round.

I advice you to take longer rest between every round because the intervals are longer. You need good rest to keep doing the workout. It’s better to take longer rests but after that during the working interval to do more reps, with perfect technique and large amplitude of the movement. Please, do complete reps, not partly!

1 round is 13 intervals 60/15 or 16:15 minutes

The number after each exercise is Rumi’s reps for each round.

1. Push up (chest) – 26, 20+5 (20 normal, 5 knee push up)
2. Pull over (back) – 26, 26
3. Pike push up (shoulders) – 19, 18
4. V sit (abs) – 21, 18
5. Weighted Santana push up – (chest, back) – 6, 5
6. Jump lunge ALT (thighs, butt) – 40, 35
7. Leg side raise LEFT (side part of the butt)– 43, 43
8. Weighted Balerina squat (butt, inner thighs) – 30, 24
9. Leg side raise RIGHT – 41, 45
10. Sumo squat + side leg raise (butt, thighs) – 28, 24
11. Single leg hip thrust LEFT – 20, 21
12. Single leg hip thrust RIGHT – 20, 16
13. Both arms row – 40, 38

Which exercise was most difficult for you?
The hip thrust really crushed me, it was so hard and it looks so easy when looked from the side 🙂

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