30 Minute Tabata Low Impact Cardio Workout No Jump Easy On Knees Exercises Level2


Gorgeous, this is no jumps workout, it’s great if you have neighbors 🙂

For new readers: if you enter the site for the first time and you have never worked out, the best thing is to start with the 90 day challenge. It’s 3 months training program, every other day the workouts get harder. After that you can join and do the programs which I publish every week. They are harder.

If you work out on a regular basis and don’t achieve your goals, try to count calories.

Try the more challenging version if this workout is easy for you.

1 round is 20 intervals 20/10, 10 minutes

1. Limbo squat + opposite knee tuck
2. Mountain climber
3. Side lunge ALT
4. Plank to squat jump
5. High lunge LEFT
6. Up-down dog
7. High lunge RIGHT
8. Plank 3 step forward jump – 1 jump to plank
9. Squat march LEFT leg
10. Push up
11. Squat march RIGHT leg
12. Plank jack + knee tuck
13. Row
14. ALT renegade row
15. Quick small run
16. Mountain climber
17. Bodyweight squt
18. Side raise LEFT leg
19. Up-down dog
20. Side raise RIGHT leg

Do you like workouts like this one?

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