30 Minute Home Workout To Burn Abdominal Fat And Lift Booty Level 2


There are strength exercises in the beginning of this workout, and in the end of each round there is 2 minutes aerobic.

For new readers: we work out for a long time and we are advanced. If you want to work out with us, start with the 90 day challenge. In a few months, try the programs that I publish every week.

If this workout is easy for you, try the more challenging version.

Interval workout, 45 intervals 30/10

1. ALT side lunge – squat
2. Dive bomber
3. Hold crunch + scissors
4. Renegade row ALT
5. Pull over
6. Butterfly crunch
7. Lunge – reverse lunge static LEFT
8. LEFT leg side raise
9. ALT from plank knee to both arms
10. Lunge – reverse lunge static RIGHT
11. RIGHT side raise
12. Basketball jump
13. Cross jump
14. Frog clap
15. Jump rope

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