30 Minute HIIT Workout Best Abs and Cardio Exercises At Home Level 3


This workout is part of the 90 day challenge.
If this is the first time you read about the challenge, I advise you to begin with day 1, because the workouts get harder every day. The body needs to prepare for the harder and more complicated workouts. We gradually higher our strength, aerobic capacity, endurance, mobility and flexibility.

If this workout is challenging for you, try the easier version.

Interval workout, 2 rounds
One round has 18 intervals 40/10
After you do the first round take 1-2 minutes rest and then continue the workout. The rest must be walking around the room, don’t sit down.

1. 3 step jump plank – jump to squat – 2 kicks
2. 3 scissors + jump lunge
3. Jumping jacks to half squat
4. Burpee + 3 up leg jumps
5. Abs – V sit bend knees + back activation
6. Low-high plank
7. Donkey kicks
8. Frog claps
9. Dips
10. Plank bird-dog
11. Jump row
12. Milling crunch
13. 4 small runs and squat
14. Plank left-right without going in the center
15. Romanian deadlift + press up – alternating
16. Double burpee without push up
17. Frog clap + jump up
18. Renegade row alternating hands

Which exercise did you like the most? Which one was the hardest for you?
Dips after aerobics were difficult because of the high heart rate. When I do strength workout I can do more reps. I don’t like dips, this is the reason I do them often in the workouts. I ask you which exercise is challenging for you, so will include it more often 🙂

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